I Can't Tell You Why, Eagle 1978

“I Can’t Tell You Why” is a song by the American rock band Eagles that appeared on their 1979 album The Long Run.
It was written by band members Timothy B. Schmit, Glenn Frey and Don Henley.
Recorded in March 1978, it was the first song finished for the album and the first Eagles song to feature Schmit on lead vocals.

Dedicated to all the peoples seeking the truth.
I can’t tell you why, but He has the answers!!!

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one my favorite Eagles song :). I had a chance to see them in Hawaii on a vacation. Great memories!

I see your mic issues are mostly gone. A couple hot spots but overall the Mic is capturing the Timbre very well. Low end is coming on extremely well!
That’s quite a song to take on live! Schmit’s high tenor is a challenge and often stumps even my vocal range. Curious how it will be one key lower?

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What can’t you do???
Brave undertaking. We played this in our band but keyed WAY down. You have a very smooth transition to falsetto. Not an easy thing to do.
What most don’t think about, but with this live performance, you can’t make ANY mistakes…cuz ya gotta start over. I would be screwed. ha ha
Bass players can sing. nice job Rene

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Hi Michelle,
Thanks for the feedback!
I want to see one of their shows, as I have not seen them live, yet.
All I did was dial back my recording input on my UAD Volt 2/76 Audio Interface.
I think it would actually sound better with one more fret lower on my guitar.
My Taylor BTO guitar was already tuned down to “D” (normal tuning), and on this song, lowered it one more fret to “Db”.
I have not tried this low of a pitch, and I might be on the edge of my low band. This song has a very wide range, which makes it hard to cover.
Thanks for the great comments.

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Hi Paul,
If I did not lower my guitar tuning from “E” all the way down to “Db”, then this song I cannot do.
Your band, did the right thing for this song, lower the pitch, Timothy Schmit has a really high voice.
And the Eagles has a very nice falsetto control as well.
Paul, I will not tell you how many takes I did to get to this version…
I do have another recording I did, a song from Earth, Wind and Fire, that I almost gave up, because I kept on making mistakes.
Watch for it, over the next week or so, and still - I had a few mistakes, but I let it go as my version.
I really appreciate you and your full understanding of my recording process.
I almost got screwed, persistence and acceptance, helped me in this Earth, Wind and Fire classic.


You did a respectable version of those vocals! Tim didn’t get the respect he deserved, and you just gave him more props!

Indeed. Yeshua has the answers. Listen, and you will hear.

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Hi Stan,
Love your comments, always!!!
You are simply awesome!
I am not able to get to Schmit vocal range, but happy with your huge compliment!!!

Yes, He does!!!

Thank you, Stan!!!
Warm regards,

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Mine, too! But you always make the guitar sound wonderful, Rene, and you capture your voice so favorably whilst playing- it is amazing. I’m not sure this is my favorite solo performance, maybe I’m inwardly hearing the Eagles arrangement and wondering what your version would sound like with just a little bit of that.

All that being said, it was a most enjoyable listen.

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Hi Steve,
Thanks for the great compliment on “guitar sound wonderful”.
Through the many years of playing songs with my guitar, with different vocalists I accompany, I developed my own style of accompaniment, with different strumming and finger style playing.
Love your comments!!!
Warm regards,