Hyperspace Reverb in Feb Issue of Computer Music

The plugin giveaway for the Feb Issue of Computer Music is a pared down version of the new Hyperspace reverb plugin. You can get the single issue for $5. For those not familiar with the Computer Music digital magazine gig, along with your purchase and the freebie of the month, you get scads of FREE plugin effects, virtual instruments, loops and tutorials - over 3GB! And some really decent ones too.


Regarding Hyperspace, for you reverb junkies out there, this is a new a very promising take on a reverb plugin. This is not your typical “freebie” plugin. IMHO this plugin (especially the full version) has a lot of mind-bending potential and possibilities. The Dev has worked with Melda and for years and is a sound designer - so it will be technically sound.

Here’s a link t the full version: https://unitedplugins.com/Hyperspace/

This is what the CM version looks like:

BONUS! When you install Hyperspace-CM, you get a discount code for 1/2 off the FULL version that is good through this next year! So it’s very cheap to try out, and even better if you decide you like it! :+1: