Hybrid Orchestral - Wax's Theme

Hybrid Orchestral - Wax's Theme
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This is a song I wrote after being inspired by a book I read. It uses quite a few insturments and the mixing has been a bit difficult. I wanted to make 21st century cowboy music, so I hope that comes across here. Anyway, I would appriciate any feedback on the mixing, arrangement, composition, etc.


I think it’s cool. Those strings are lagging a bit though. I think due to the nature of the samples, you need to nudge those a little earlier to get them to hit on the beat. Something about those strings feels like they aren’t matched to the space with the rest of the instruments. Hopefully the timing will fix it. If not, I’d suggest messing with the dynamics a bit on those. They sound like the strings are playing full force, but but got turned down in the mix to where it sounds a little unnatural.

Once those strings are feeling more cohesive, I’d have nothing to complain about. I think you got the feel just right on the song, and I wouldn’t add anything.

Actually, that’s not true. Arrangement wise, I feel like something could have happened at the 1:19 mark. When it built itself up and just returned to the same riff, I felt this strong sense of “oh, this song is just going to do this until the end.” You changed it up at 1:40, but even after the change, I feel like in general, the new riff overstayed its welcome as well.

If this is background music for a video, it’s probably fine to overstay your welcome a bit on a riff because it’s not front and center, but when it’s a song exposed for the sake of being a song, that kind of thing needs to be considered.


I LOVE the feel of this song and the direction you’re going with it. I think you nailed the feel you were going for. I agree with @bozmillar that the strings are lagging behind though. After adjusting those, the whole thing is going to have such a great vibe! I’m listening from a laptop, so I can’t really share much about the mix yet, but I’m anxious to see where you go with what you’ve started here. Good job!


Hey Chandler, good stuff! I like the sound and the instrument selection and mix. This could work very well for a cinema soundtrack or maybe even a game track with the right set up.

Always good to hear instrumental stuff here; thanks for posting.


I agree that it’d be great with the right kind of video game. I could totally see that working.


Thanks for all the feedback. I’ve tried to adjust the string to make them a bit tighter. Does this sound any better?


Significantly better! Great job!! I’ve still only heard this on my laptop so far. I need to check it out on the monitors :slight_smile: