Hustler - Producing a Rap

Hustler - Producing a Rap

So yup… I am producing a Rap / Hiphop single
and you have guessed it… theres gonna be FLUTE, strings and brass :rofl:

v2 (spiked up vocals, balanced a few more things and a bit more low end processing)


@FluteCafe breaking new ground here? Good for you. Brass, strings, flute working very well here adding sounds to the genre is a great idea. Vocals are average, the usual thing I guess. The bottom end and drum (machine) kind of missing in action? This won’t annoy my aunt at a stop light.

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sort of. I am working on a plucked dblbass . Track actually doesnt have a bass track in it yet

Do you use a subwoofer? I’m guessing you have a treated room. Dbl bass has great low end but might be hard to get focused for this application, I never tried it.

I think what you’ve got sounds pretty cool. It would be interesting to hear the final product. Will you post it here ?

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I will try to keep the progress updated if I can. This is pretty early in the process, it could go on for several weeks if not months, depending on circumstances. I am working with a friend on this. Its a fun project! I will sneak in a flute in anything :sunglasses:

I do yes,also my room is treated with broadband owen’s corning panels, nothing too serious. I have not used my sub on this mix. This is pretty much an eyeball mix, just wrote and recorded the parts was too excited and slapped it together with a limiter .


Who’d a thunk? Like from 21 seconds on. The quick notes didn’t work for me in the intro. 1.33 backgrounds is the best for sure. I know nothing about this genre being old and all that.
Where do you find a singer??? Overall great performance Michelle.

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Digging. Good thump and movement. Impressive that you fit the flute in so nicely/appropriately.

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thank you :slight_smile: flute is sort of becoming intrinsic to the genre, as featured in Future Mask Off

Flute is such an underrated instrument today which makes it even more of a drive for me to make it work lol. I can play guitar, piano, violin but my heart is always flute.
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Sounds cool! Love those low orchestral stabs from about 40 secs on. Don’t really know anything about Hip Hop mixing, but you seem to have the big low end dialled in. Nice!

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I thought this sounded really good! Kicking up the subs around 1:28 too. Seems like it would easily get out of hand but sounds nicely controlled to me.

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:rofl: that is true the lyrics are pretty clean.

Spiked up the vocals with some dry stereo width and delay, processed the kick drum a bit and processed the low end some more to give it more gravity.

I have knotted in plucked dblbass with the brass hits and layered them with a distortion to unify them to create a bit of a unique sound when the brass comes out. I call it the BRASS (Bass with a brass! :innocent:)

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All right, Newton would approve!

“Ridin’ through the avenue gotta let 'em know”

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Well, I have mixed feelings about what I listened to (v2 only).
On one hand, mixing stage is great and vocals sit nicely, BrASS and drums do what they suppose to do (print the rhythm like a machine).
But I found the classical instruments very weird in the song like they are playing real for an intimate film score where most productions in that genre don’t care about any realism. I think most samples would be played using keyboards or MPC-like drum pads.

Like guitars for instance

By the way, it’s really something unexpected but well made!

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Rap is typically not my thing, though I was curious how this was going to go. I listened to both versions. If I didn’t know better, I would have guessed the flute was from a synth, primarily because I have never knowingly heard real flute in a rap song. And because the flute is not dry, it gives it more of a synth sound. The flute ends up working fine for me; sounds good. Instrumentally, everything sounds very good! I would imagine rap fans would appreciate the vocals. Good job! :smiley:

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Hi :slight_smile: thanks for listen. I used my gold flute for this and added some ambiance to it. Its mic’ed from behind to get that ghosty sound. Listen to Future Mask off when you get a chance, it has a flute that carries the song

Well, of course the gold flute has more bling value (hence more street cred). :wink: BTW, my dentist told me this rap artist asked my dentist to give him a full gold “grill” for free, because he was the “biggest rap artist in Pomona, California” (as if that is a big deal). My dentist refused, even if he has fully paid for it. Which cracked me up.


Listening on new headphones so some elements will be hard to judge.
Loving the orchestral elements. Well spaced and composed. Tell me, are you using El Clappo??!!?? I hope so!

I really like it and I’m not a rap fan per se. My only criticism is that I thought the low end would be a bit more prominent, especially in the stabbing orchestral sound (not sure what it is) but that could well be my new headphones and there may be plenty.

I felt it ended a little abruptly but in a non-satisfying way (That sounds harsh and I don’t mean it to be!). I liked the backwards cymbal effect, but I’d personally cut it without the delay and add a sharp snare crack or some sort of cutting element there. This is purely my personal opinion, but the delay makes the abruptness feel only semi-deliberate. I, personally, would make it an obvious smack and abrupt ending or the opposite and add more delay and repeats to again declare the song ends “this way”. Purely speculative and personal so please feel free to give me a “yeah, cool, thanks” and ignore it!

I loved the production, the vocals are stellar and the width and space plus the well executed composition means that this song sounds full yet spacious all at once. Nice job!

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Hi Daniel :slight_smile: thanks for the listen and your thoughtful comments.

I think you are referring to the brass, which is a trombone with a distortion put on it. The mix sort of swings back and forth between the heavyness of the sub. There are sections that are very sub heavy and might not come through on some headphones. But I do give the sub a substantial break in the parts of the song, to give the ear a break. The vocal width is the highlight of the song and production is quite simplistic. There is some heavy use of multing, thanks for noticing :slight_smile: . Though not completely finished yet, specially the ending. I will keep your comments about the ending in mind.

No, its from my Kontakt Keyboard / Synth, but I do have my eye on the el clappo!

All good. Oddly, I started thinking about that ending in the middle of the night (the curse of listening and making comments before bed I guess!) and wondered if the final word was given the same delay treatment if that would work also, given the final word is “fight” as well.

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