Hurricane Florence heading toward Florence

Hurricane Florence heading toward Florence


That’s absolutely right-- no way whoever’s putting on that performance should expect musicians and support staff to risk safety and property to come out on Monday night in Florence SC!! Sheesh. You did exactly the right thing to cancel out.

I expect you’re getting some major rain right about now, and I sure hope it’s not too scary… but this too shall pass. Hang in there!


Matrix? When does a hurricane hit a city by the same name?

Well, it looks pretty wet and windy and likely to be that way for a few more days, but it could have been worse, I suppose. Harvey didn’t affect me, but Ike’s eye went right over my house. Thankfully I’m a hundred miles inland and on a little hill, but the trees liked to fall down, so a lot of luck was involved that it wasn’t worse. And no power for two weeks, which meant no water as I have a well, plus the surge when they came back on fried my motherboard. Better than a tree or flooding though!

So @Jonathan, I hope you are getting through this mostly unscathed.


Florence SC still taking it pretty hard at this hour (9am eastern Sunday) and will get at least a few more inches of rain between now and Monday evening. @Jonathan, your route back through Spartanburg and Columbia ought to be OK when the time comes (still looking like Tuesday as the soonest safe time), all the major road flooding and closures are in the area around Raleigh and points east to the coast. Google Maps is really helpful for showing where the closures are, just enable real-time traffic when you pull it up.

And I know you are also getting hammered right now in Rutherfordton, but your 20+ mph winds will drop below 10mph by about 5pm, and the rain should begin to quickly wane by around midnight tonight. Probably feels pretty hairy at the moment, but there wasn’t anywhere in the region you could have gone to completely escape it. Just stay away from the creeks and rivers…


Haha. They still haven’t cancelled that show. Amazing. 30 min ago I got an email that said that concert is still scheduled for tonight. Man. There are interstates closed and tornado warnings in Florence county.

I called in and asked the conductor/director what was going on. During the conversation I asked hypothetically…if per chance I were to drive back to play it (and again I mean hypothetically) would they guarantee I would get paid for the performance regardless of weather the venue cancels the show or not. (A simple rain insurance policy). The goof ball said no. If you play it you play it, if you don’t you don’t. Wow. He honestly expected me to drive back in the middle of a nasty hurricane for a show that might or might not even get cancelled in the next six hours. The concert slated to start at 6:30. There is CITY WIDE CURFEW that beings at 7:00! This company…wow. lol.

Needless to say I’m not going back for this, but I’m quite sure the two songs I was featured to play with the orchestra in this show are going to have zero effect on how many people turn out to see it. I honestly have no idea what they are thinking…if this concert by some miracle does manage to happen, I spoke with the technical production manager A1 who is slated to record it. He said they would be sending me the multi-track Nuendo Live recordings along with the edit reel from the videographers to be mix to and broadcast on regional TV, but that they would need it the mix turned around within 48 hours. WHO ARE THEY GONNA SEND IT TO??? The regional TV network this orchestra broadcasts with are in Wilmington and Myrtle Beach!? Their broadcast rooms are probably sitting in 2 feet of water. The one in Myrtle Beach is four city blocks away from the Ocean. I’m no physics genius, but the last time I checked, it required electricity to air a broadcast. Oh well. I’ll mix it from my little make-shift rig in Spartanburg, hand it in, invoice them, and at least get paid for doing something this week.


so what happened with the concert? I feel like there’s a huge disconnect between reality and what I’m picturing in my mind going on over there. I feel like the news just likes to show pictures of flooded areas and fallen trees and they try to make it look like the entire state is under water. In those circumstances, it makes no sense that it’s even possible to have a concert.

I’ve never lived in a place that floods. I’ve seen drains get clogged to the point where streets are under water, and the news tries to make it look like a major disaster when really all it is is a 100 yard stretch of a neighborhood where the water is deep enough to not be able to see the road.

so are the effects of the hurricane more like this?

Or is it more like this:


Definitely not the “showing the same 100 yards of flooded street” variety…


It got cancelled around a few hours after I talked to the director lol.

What I think happened was the media was so focused on the half submerged houses on the coastline that no one even gave clear information to the hundreds of thousands of people half way between the Myrtle Beach and Columbia. This whole state is definitely not under water. That’s BS.


Ha. That’s a pretty satisfying close to the story. Even more satisfying would have been if the concert was still on and not a single person showed up.


Hey @Jonathan, how are things in Florence? Unfortunately your part of the state is not out of the woods yet-- the water from the torrential rains is taking days to make its way to the sea, and there are areas near you that are being inundated now with rivers not expected to crest for several more days yet, meaning it’s only going to get worse.

See this article:

Key quote:

“In the Pee Dee region of northeast South Carolina, just east of Florence, “catastrophic flooding” was occurring Monday, according to the South Carolina Emergency Management Division. It tweeted, “SCDOT crews are shoring up major roads as best they can. Now is not the time to be distracted by what roads may be open and what roads may be closed…we don’t know and won’t know until they flood.”

The slow arrival of the floodwaters is the result of the time it takes the water from swollen rivers within North Carolina’s interior to flow downstream. It’s a considerable distance from the interior of the Carolinas to the shore, and the terrain flattens out along the coastal plain, which delays the drainage of water into the lowlands.

So don’t take your eye off that ball…!


We’re doing just fine in Florence. Its as if nothing ever happened here. All roads are dry, no sign of flooding, and have hardly had a sprinkle of rain since the last day of the storm. EMS is back to its normal routine, the shelters are all closed, and all of the schools/colleges have been back in session since last Wednesday.

I’m mixing a single for a full time fire fighter from Myrtle Beach tomorrow. He said the roads are clear down there too and won’t have any problem getting out here. But I did talk to an amp builder in who asked me to mail him the some electronic components to put together because there’s still a few bridges closed where he lives (Conway). Had a producer cancel on a mastering session (in the north east part of the state) because there’s a higher risk or roads filling with water on his way to Charlotte NC. I had no problem driving to Charlotte from Florence, but he didn’t want to chance it from Longs SC.

So basically 85% of this state is back to life-as-normal. It seems about 15% of it is still struggling. Yeah, “Rivers in the regional are [still] engulfing entire communities”, but I think the article above is being a little dramatic.


I watched a video the other night on the news where they were using a firetruck to spray dead fish off of the interstate that were trapped after the water receded.