Howdy Y'all!

Howdy Y'all!

I had previously been a member of Brandon’s forum after buying his Killer Home Recording course. It’s just a hobby for me where I do some recording every once in a while, so I only recently noticed his forum was gone! Oh my! With a bit of google-fu I found his explanation AND this place, including the all-important “bash this recording” section!

I’m just an amateur and hobbyist in terms of music, but I enjoy it and have fun. Full time I work as an engineer and part time I am a best selling author. I also enjoy amateur full-contact karate, gardening and ham radio.

I do not enjoy long walks on the beach, fine dining or tear-jerker movies.

So now I am here! It’s nice to see y’all and I hope all is well.

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cheers and welcome aboard!

Welcome (back) Brett! RR veteran here too - Glad you found us!

Scooting over to make a little room on the bench…glad you are here:)



Thank you guys!

Great to have you here!!! Welcome! Love the introduction. hahahaha!

Welcome aboard. Glad you found us.

Any books written on the life/death of Julius Caesar? (“Et tu, Brute?”) :slight_smile:

Hmm, interesting contrast in the likes/dislikes in hobbies, though the latter might be the standard ones that Hollywood would like to portray as important or essential. I take it you don’t subscribe to that? :wink:

Oh, and BTW, welcome! :grin:

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LOL – alas no books on Julius! I take my name from the legendary first king of England. Paradoxically Brutus’ murder of Julius served to hasten the replacement of the Republic with an empire – so he did the wrong thing for the right reasons. His knife would have been better placed in Crassus.

I love the beach … when I can actually SWIM. But living in NH, the timeframe when that is comfortable is pretty narrow. I like water temps of 60 or above. But just going to the beach to hang out? Naw. Not my thing.

Thank you!

Welcome to the this forum. I look forward to reading you around.

A very warm welcome Brett! Glad your Google-fu was effective and you landed here with us. It’s a pretty great bunch.

I’m a similar one to yourself, also a Recording Review refugee and a home hobbyist only, not a pro at all. Looking forward to getting to know you and your music here.

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Thank you! And that’s a great idea!

I fiddled with the map both logged into and logged out of google and never saw the pin icon for adding myself. Perhaps I will have better luck on a different computer!