Howdy from Ghostly Beard

Howdy from Ghostly Beard


Hey guys!

I just wanted to tell you that I’ve not been around for a long time, because basically I have been spending 50% of my time on my full-time day work, 50% on social media promotion and interactions and the other 50% trying to have a life…

I didn’t forget what you guys at RR and then here have done for me, helping me grow in my understanding of audio engineering and bashing my songs and discussing all sorts of cool topics.

I just have decided that it was time for me to “go out there” and try to promote my music. And usually when I do something, I go full on, so this didn’t leave me time to hang out here anymore.

I have “met” a lot of indie artists and radios and podcasters and bloggers and indie fans and when anyone is expressing an interest in recording/mixing etc. I usually direct them here. I hope some people have found their way in…

I’ll try to come here from time to time and see what’s going on, but things are pretty crazy ATM, so don’t expect to see me much.

Keep the good spirit and audio engineering goodies!



Wait… 50%+50%+50% = … well, you’re spread a little thin at the moment. :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s 150%. You living 25 hours a day like Night Ranger? Obviously you should devote another 50% to arithmetic.


I’m glad to see you putting your work out where it can be appreciated. Your music is of exceptional quality and your website is very well done also!


Good luck with your stuff Paul:sunglasses:


I agree! That website is looking great, and the music is sounding goooooood!


That’s why I said I’m not hanging out here too much anymore. That would be another 50% :wink:


Thank Ingo! It takes an enormous amount of time building a following, but I have a 2 years plan to get somewhere… wherever that is! :smiley:




Thanks Bryan. I had good help from @ColdRoomStudio and @AJ113


I am proud you for going for it man. I have been listening on spotify. well done.


Thanks Red! However, I have decided I will no longer put any music on Spotify, and here’s why:


That is too bad. I hear where you are coming from. When we first released our music and were getting nothing from spotify i was thinking the same thing. After looking around I think I can safely say very few have ever made money from selling music (except the big label dudes). watching the documentary Artifact about 30 seconds to mars opened up my eyes pretty good. Anyway so will you be streaming your music anywhere?


That’s right. Streaming is killing indie music and I’ve decided that I will no longer endorse that.
Truth is that people who listen to my music are coming from my promotion efforts on social medias and radios. So I can direct them anywhere…

I will put my music on my website, where anyone can listen in full, and buy if they like.
I will also be on Bandcamp and Soundcloud.
And I’m in rotation on many indie radios, who are true partners of indie music.

I will sell downloads and physical copies on my website, Amazon and CD Baby.
And downloads from Bandcamp, Amazon and iTunes as well.