How would YOU process these OH mics?

How would YOU process these OH mics?


When I say ‘fill in’ with spot mics, i literally mean just add maybe two impact frequencies.

For instance, 300Hz and 3kHz on a snare drum, and kill the rest with HPF/LPF etc.

Sometimes the Tom spot mics are only LPF at 300Hz and HPF @ 3kHz as the midrange is already there in the room mics.

The point is that you dont need to ‘double up’ on stuff thats already there in your main stereo pairs.


When I get a chance, I will put up the rest of the kit for this this little section. I would love to hear how all of you guys mix this!


Do you have a tape saturation plugin with a variable LP rolloff?


This thing kicks ass on the cymbals. I’ve been studying it extensively over the last few days been trying it on a bunch of stuff. Its a tape-distortion-on-steroids unit with compression emulation built in and a hell of a lot of attitude.

As you increase the warmth settings it rebalances the saturation of low harmonics vs higher frequency harmonics giving you the appearance of rolling off top end without just dulling everything down like a poorly implemented HF shelf does sometimes.


Nope. The only tape plugin I have is an AirWindows one. Are they especially good at smoothing out harshness?

That Fatso does sound nice. Then I checked out its price… :flushed:


I think this is one of the greatest harshness smoothers ever made. The Waves C6 is my other go-to for smoothing abrasive brittle chunks of cymbal buildup and rattle.

Yeah. That Fatso is pricey. I can see where $150 is a lot for a single plugin. Just an idea. I was assuming you’d look at the plugin…I just posted the demo of the hardware because I think that video does a better job of demoing the unit than anything else I know of.


Always full of information. Thanks!


The overheads are not really that difficult, its nailing the room pair that makes it interesting.


Well, I originally started this thread to pick your collective brains on how you’d approach “fixing” this particular track- basically centering the kick/snare.

Now… after hearing what you guys have done with just the OH tracks, I’m really curious to see what you’ll do will ALL the tracks, and HOW you got there! I’ll put 'em up as soon as I am able. :sunglasses:


New thread with all the drums started here:


I’ll probably take a crack at this tomorrow.