How To Win a Prize in the Manic MixOff (an observation)

As I’m looking at some of the comments on the mixes, I just thought I’d offer a few key reminders of how this contest works…

Points based on:
how actively you participated in the contest and helped others
the quality of that participation and help
how well you ranked in the community judging of your mix and final judging results

The Secret To Winning
The secret to winning this contest is to score as high as you can in the mixing contest AND give as much good, friendly, and CONSTRUCTIVE help to others on as you can.

A person with a decent mix entry that ranks well AND has been helpful to others could win the prize.

Extra points are being added to your score based on the advice and tips that you share with other contestants. This gives an opportunity to win, even without the best mix. If you spot a problem with EQ in a mix, be sure to point out where you feel the problem lies. If you’re familiar with the sweep technique (as an example), then share how it works to the new folks. If it were YOUR mix, how would you tackle the problems you’re hearing. This is just as much about helping each other in this contest and in this community. :wink: