How to play with your wooden skin

How to play with your wooden skin


This guy has to be the worst tech host I’ve ever seen in a video, but the THING is pretty cool. He teaches us how to play with the wooden skin… AAaaaarrghhh…

Go to 0;30 to lessen your suffering…


Saw about this device in this video first, go to 3:25


huh. That’s kind of cool. It’s essentially a new package on a midi controller. The knob/slider/button format is pretty limiting. With something like this, you can do stuff that would be a pain to do with faders.

I use my leap motion controller for a similar thing, although it’s pretty rare that I hook it up and play with it.


Yes, I thought it looks pretty awesome. If I wasn’t under a total spending freeze I’d get one…



They should seriously consider a name change for what is otherwise a really sweet device. He’s pronouncing it “Tooshie”, which (in american english) is what we’d refer to as a butt, ass, etc. Just sayin’


Presenter is the opposite to this… perhaps it’s marketing ploy?
Pampering to the feminists…