How to Listen to Music and Find Meaning in it

It looks like the categories have recently changed, but I thought this might be the best choice as it can relate to listeners of music who become creators/producers/“Makers” of music. Though it can pertain to just listening to music and considering the meaning of it in a philosophical and emotional sense as well.

Here’s a 7 minute video with Jordan Peterson and John McWhorter, just a segment of a longer conversation. They make some interesting points, and I considered why I enjoy music and what it means to me. Way to lengthy to go into here, but I find myself listening mostly to music I have listened to for decades that I’m very familiar with. For me, it never seems to get old - even though in most cases … it IS old, compared to contemporary music. Most current music I can hardly stand to listen to, with a few exceptions. New Indie music - at least - can defy contemporary stereotypes and offer something different, which should be a compelling reason for this site/forum to exist.

When listening to the older music I “grew up with” and “aged with”, I tend to find depth in the aspects of production techniques and mixing choices. Something the average listener may not even contemplate. But for me, I seem to be able to both enjoy the music and revel in the production at the same time. It’s like a dual celebration.

Anyway, on with the video. :slightly_smiling_face:


I was just starting to clean up some of the categories and hopefully simplify things a bit. I’m trying to steer this into more of a ‘music making’ group rather than just a ‘recording’ group. And thanks for posting this! Exactly the kind of stuff I like reading :slight_smile: