How To Get This Sound Like This Song: The Misfits

Hello! I’ve been engineering a song for a client, and he’s really wanting to have his Vocals and his Guitar sound a lot like the elements in this song:

I Turned Into A Martian by The Misfits:

I feel confident that it’s a gated sound, but I feel like there’s things that I’m not catching that are essential to getting closer to the sound that he wants.

Can you guys think of how they achieved their vocals and their guitar sound??

Any information is greatly appreciated!


Record everything except vocals together, each mic’d excessively closely with an SM57 in a dead room preferably small with a low ceiling.

Hit the ‘tape’ hard, use a sucky midrange level desk that imparts nothing particularly pleasing on anything and aggressively high pass guitars and vocals whilst saturating the crap out of everything.

That should get you in the ball park.