How To Build Your Mic Locker With Matt McGlynn

How To Build Your Mic Locker With Matt McGlynn


I really liked and enjoyed this presentation. It was a live Q&A with Warren Huart and Matt McGlynn (founder of RecordingHacks and Roswell Pro Audio). It’s pretty long at ~1:40:00 but they tend to get on a topic and stay on it for awhile so if you scan through you may get something good even if you’re in a hurry. Matt puts up slides and talks about them at length, types of microphones and what causes them to sound different, how microphone capsules (especially condensers) are built and a little bit of history. Most importantly, how to build a well-balanced and effective Mic Locker for tracking!


The funny part is that these stellar producers are clipping their voice over mics:)


recordinghacks is my favorite website that goes into microphone details.


This was a great pitch for roswell mics. I want to check them out now:)


I hope I’m not putting Boz on the spot here, but I remember him having a “Plugin + Mini K47” promo a few months ago, and sure enough he met Matt face to face at NAMM in this video (maybe he’ll tell us more :wink:):