How many spots do you hang yer hat?

When this leg of my musical journey kicked off in full swing, I hung my hat wherever I could find a hook. It seems in hindsight that I burned myself out real quick… hustlin’ everyday at my age, phff!!! lol.

I uploaded my silly songs wherever they’d let me and tried to be active and engaging as much as I could… imagine my dismay when I discovered that I had to double my efforts just to get a whiff of any sort of semblance of reward.

I eventually bailed on just about every site I had enlisted at and with my utter lack of sound engineering experience, fell into some regurgitative depression and wandering doubt. It didn’t help that I wasn’t sleeping, eating, bathing and socializing as what a normal human would but instead I was locked and cocked at my recording console dang near 24/7 hammering out inspiration after inspiration with the coffee pot sitting within arm’s reach. I was a wreck!

To make this potentially gibberish induced post a little less long… jumping ahead… today… I am pleased and settled upon what I have released as being done. Absolutely of course though yet, I would still be grateful for Peer Review upon my efforts to achieve Radio Readiness.

The direction of this Post however, was to ask you if you have heard of or have a Profile and Account at, ? It seems the site does Compilation Albums but before I sink my big toe into the murky water of the music industry further as, yup, you guessed it, I ain’t no Entertainment Lawyer neither, I would just like a lil legal Insider Info maybe first. Got Some?

x & a thank you from Canuckville and da gibberish pedlar


I like the idea of locking myself away in my recording dungeon and just focusing on music for a few months. I wonder if my sanity would still remain intact after months of that kind of lifestyle though. A lot of sacrifices would have to be made in order to immerse ourselves into that kind of work, but I wonder about the possible rewards that could be gained from it,

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By this I guess we should assume that you currently consider yourself sane… music creators are among the top most rated insane folks in the land of the artist and the world… we gots to be, we tap into realms that most never ever see and are likely afraid of and we do it for mere pennies if even that. Artist and successful Business Person aren’t usually used in the same sentence to describe one person.

Embrace the Insanity… good for the artist’s mental wellness, well, mine anyways, for the most part, lol

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I can fake sanity very well, even though I walk on the cusp of sanity and insanity.

Yeah, the business part of music business is a difficult thing to engage in and enjoy.

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There’s a cusp? The fine line between worlds… mine is all smudged and for the most part I like it so.

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