How is your progress on the mix contest?

How is your progress on the mix contest?


Just checking in to see who got started on @BigAlRocks’s mix contest? What are you running into so far? Making decent progress?


I’ve replaced the drums so I could have more control over them, and because I thought it would be fun to replace the drums :rofl: I think I’m going to mix 2 or 3 versions… 1 using the existing instrument tones (other than the drums), 1 with everything re-amped just for fun, and 1 where I’ll replace all the guitar/bass and play them myself, also just for fun and probably just for myself. Plenty of time, I figured why not experiment a bit!


i have got a basic feel for the song. Now i have to find time to dig into it. Workign on bass and drums first.


I missed that. I’ve looked around a bit but couldn’t find the initial post with the instructions and the link to download the multitracks files, could someone point this out for me?


Here you go.




I’ve just discovered the contest!
Work in progress…


I appreciate everyone that’s participating. :beerbanger:


I hope you share all your mixes in BTR. I’d love to hear them all.