How familiar are you with synth stuff?

How familiar are you with synth stuff?
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Not seen it but will check it out later at home (on mobile at wrk at present)

Hear you on the flow though,
I dont like 808 type emulator plugins. I find it hard to get good results.
Thats why i have an MPC :slight_smile:
I can run either hardware, samples or plugins from my mpc with the real feel and midi control of hardware :slight_smile:


The humble mpc1000 , the heart and sould of my humble home studio.
All my midi gear is routed through it, and my daw. I couldnt live without it.
Amazing piece of kit with 2 midi in, 2 midi out 6 analog outputs, digital in/out, usb.

It is my command centre lol.
Sorry for crappy photo quality its a zoomed in pic from my phone!
( first photo i have uploaded to the new site and it was a rapid welcome and easy transaction! Good work!)


I’d call myself competent with many types of synths. I had a Polysix in the 80’s (LOVED having all those knobs!). Sold that to get a DW-8000, which I still own.I was lucky that the band director at my HS was an electronic music freak; I had tons of hands on time with an ARP Oddysey and SEIL DK-something-or-another. I also had(maybe still have?) a DX100, a Kawai K1 (awful to program!), and an Akai S612 (early sampler, with only two controls and a single one-second sample at a time).

I’ve got a lot of software synths, including the Korg collection, but it the sound feels thinner in a way I can’t completely explain.

(Side thought: I taught keyboard at a music store in the early 90’s, and half the time people just wanted to learn how to program their synths. I’m glad that people are starting to program their own sounds again instead of just using what the “workstation” provides).


Nice skills and you’ve had some nice synths!


The only soft syntsh i like to use are zebra2, absynth and messing about on reason :/)
A lotof the branded emulators like korg and novation suck compared to their hardware equivilents.
But zebra 2 is every bit as fat as any hard analog synth i’ve ever used.


I might have to check out Zebra… Wave’s synths are actually pretty good, too. The “Jarre” patch in Codex ( if I remember correctly) takes me back 30 years.


I LOVE synths… I did try to learn all that tweaky stuff when Brandon was raving about it but it bored me heaps - all I want is cool sounds [cheesy grin].
I’ve used a few different ones over the years but omnisphere is my go-to absolute favourite these days. My key issue is usually finding the sound that I’ve imagined… there are so very many options… great fun!!


i like omnisphere but i had to stop using it as it was far too hungry for my current PC. if i upgrade my set up i will no doubt maybe get it. but to be honest i bought zebra2 and that does all i need . but yeah Omnisphere is about the best for making weird soundscapes imo


omnisphere2 looks like an amazing beast… I aspire to that one day…
I found that omnisphere was cpu heavy when I used it just as a separate instrument track but as a vst (via the cubase vst rack thingy), I can use half a dozen different versions at a time and the computer doesn’t even blink… I’m still boggled by the amount of stuff lurking within its creative depths…


Hey Iain, thanks for the simple description in this post! Really useful for a total synth newb like me… Much appreciated!


I think the main challenge for us guitar folks is the mindset towards using a synth. For me anyway, I tend to think about a synth maybe as an add-on, much like using a Hammond or strings to add a bit of -dare I say it - emotional warmth in the upper mid range. Or if I feel really adventurous I might even consider a synth lead in early 70’s style. But then you have to play it somehow, and I’m pretty hopeless with a keyboard. But what I really mean is that with a synth you have to let go of the way you’ve learnt to make music and start all over again with the synth first, adding other instruments second. Maybe someday I’ll try…


There’s a free demo version which is worth downloading to get a feel for it. It’s not an expensive unit by any means, but its just really nice in the workflow and the way it was designed. There’s a ton you can do with it!