How do you edit multiple vari regions simultaniously in Cubase?

Take a quick look at this picture…this is a track from a songwriter who has no background in theory. He is trying to write a song. He gave me an accapella vocal with a click. I activated Vari and tuned it so there is a root (B flat minor). I bounced it and sent it. This morning he asked to hear what it sounds like in C minor.

I know how do deal with the chord track (you select everything and go +2)

How do you lump the VOCAL track clips/regions together so they read as one continuous chunk in the sample editor?

Also, having to double click each indepedent clip/region is Vari-annoying (silly pun. I know). Any workaround?

What’s wrong with CTRL+A to select everything?

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Select all in the arrange window (can’t remember what cubase calls it) gives me this. V V

Select all in the editor window gives me this V V

Yes, so isn’t (select all in editor window) what you wanted? To be able to tweak all notes in one go (doesn’t matter if they are in the active clip), they will follow…

If you want to merge all audio clips and they had been cut previously from one single audio file, you can select all in the project window (what you call arrange) and use the glue tool to make them one again.

If they are unrelated audio clips, you will need to select all and choose bounce (you can create a duplicate track version before doing this). I think it’s under the “edit” menu, or the “audio” menu (I have created a “b” shortcut for this one on my setup). Bounce will ask if you want to replace the audio with the bounced version, just say yes

I don’t understand what its showing me. And what I’m seeing isn’t what I’m hearing. Some pitch corrected areas seem to be valid, some show pitch correction but don’t sound it. Other sections show active pitch correction when there’s no vocal. Hmm…this is confusing.

I see how that could be helpful for merging everything to one easily managed file. But it doesn’t appear there’s a way to tune it from there. I was hoping that I could see and edit all of the tuned segments as one continuous file. Hmm.

…what I would have liked is if the regions/clips could be left in chopped up segments on the track, but tuned by vari in one continuous stream.

In a normal scenario, it would be sufficient to tune the segments, then merge the tuned sections. But not if the guy keeps wanting notes changed. :(*

I was trying to leave myself the flexibility to change notes later and insert measures between sections of the song. But without disrupting the workflow by having to continuously open and close the editor window by double clicking on each segment. If I merge it all into one track than have Vari re-scan it, I don’t have the flexibility to chop it up and keep re-arranging it, unless vari rescans is every time a chance is made.

Dang. All good though…(unless I missed something). Much appreciated.

I’ve never had sections showing pitch correction with no vocal…
I don’t know how you manage that. It seems from your captures in your second post that you have selected many tracks, perhaps that’s what you are seeing. But you only edit one track at at time though.

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its because you have loads of takes open in the sample editor at once. i.e otherside, otherside2, otherside3…and prob more?

you need to compile the vocal down to one sample first then run the vari audio

Thats what seemed counter-intuitive about that. I’m certain I only selected one track. I selected multiple CLIPS on the same track, but I’m certain it was only one track, because there only IS one audio track lol.

haha…when a client hands me one of these I call them reverse karaoke.

In your first capture, there was only one track, but the next two pictures show vari-audio from other tracks as well underneath the main one…
Now when you have only one track and there are audio clips from various takes (comped) then you can only edit one take at a time, unless you bounce them off as one take. Either that or you click to select the track take you want to edit.

That’s what I wanted to be certain of before I bit the bullet and accepted the workflow.

Is there a way to change settings to focus the click selected track into the same window? Instead of opening multiple windows? It got real messy fast.

…if this was any other project I would have cut it, merged it, tuned then flattened and been done. Again, its the higher degree of flexibility here that is wacky on this particular one.

I was also hoping to convert the audio to midi down the road so I could dump it right into a score editor. The guy doesn’t even need a recording. He just wants the sheet music lol. The problem is he can’t read music.

Multiple windows?? It only ever open one editor window at a time on my end. How do you manage that?
Cubase 9 now has a lower zone where you can open the editor. I don’t use it though, I like to have the mixer on one screen and the project window on another. Then when I edit, I want it full screen too…

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