How do you do!

Okay, so i guess this is where i post some of my stuff?

Since im doing this on my phone
Its hard to read instructions.
I wont let my dyslexia, stuttering, or bad habits get in the way. Promise.


Nice one, studio!!!
Very interesting production, and very well done.
I love the guitar music, and also the video on 3:30.
You the man, Chris!

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Thanks Rene!

I wasn’t sure if I could post my
Guitarista Electronica Music here.
This being a songwriter forum, i thought maybe i should have posted more of my lyrical content, then i noticed that other post where someone posted an instrumental piece. I loved it and decided my little electronic music has found a foxhole to lay low in for the night! Thanks.


Wonderful place to hang the head low.
And great video, with your guitar music, excellent!!!

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Welcome to IRD @studio , this is a very spooky cool story here and you have applied a neat soundtrack to support it. I like the combination of a quirky synth track that includes a radio-signal motif with your very mellow and lonesome guitar overdub. The track fits well with the story.

I had never heard this story before but you piqued my curiosity and I find that this is at least partly a true story. A fascinating story even if parts of it are hard to confirm. But the point here is that it’s a great choice for a work of art and you have used it well. Good work!



Not really my place to add credibility to a story, but the subject matter never stopped anyone from being creative.

I know that many a person might want a statement of facts before attempting to enjoy a particular piece of art. Just like folks who refuse to watch the Elvis movie because it might not contain a truthful narrative. Heck, people even do that with church praise and worship music too!

Creative types need to have license in order to be creative even if it means sacrificing a bit of truth.

Bob Dylan’s Hurricane comes to mind. Thanks.

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I think it adds to the appeal of your work. At first I thought, oh science fiction type of thing well that’s cool. Then I looked closer and appreciated it more.

Just like a lot of things in life.
You take a roll of the dice and chance whether you want myth, folklore or allegory. Thanks.

Or, maybe your version of the truth.

I can’t view or listen to the video. When I click on the “play arrow” the video image goes black and doesn’t play.

Interesting stuff! Usually music compositions are posted in Bash This Recording (for critique), but since yours is more of a video production with some music backing, this seems like the appropriate category.

I think I agree with your points here, or find them interesting and thought-provoking. Since you’re telling a story, and it seemed imaginative and unusual, I did find myself wanting to understand if this is ‘real’ or fantasy or sci-fi. I think we get stuck on “truth” and “facts” too much sometimes - most of life is “narratives” (i.e. fact + opinion = narrative) based on perspectives and biases. It’s up to the individual to determine what truth is or means to them IMO, not the producer of the information to demand acceptance of statements as truth. If any kind of “absolute truth” exists, it’s likely humans have limited capacity to truly comprehend it. Maybe we can come close at times, and it’s a worthwhile pursuit, but I suggest not getting stuck believing in self-contrived certainty, as a best practice.

The main thing with art is to get someone to think in a way that they’re not used to, or take them out of their usual ‘bubble’, even if for a brief moment. Suggesting there’s more to life than we perceive on a day-to-day basis. Maybe that’s a form of truth, or learning to accept self-evident truths. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m fascinated with the video montage (CGI?) starting at 3:15, what is a potential meaning of the images in regard to the story-line? It’s kind of beautiful in a way, but kind of disturbing as well. Kind of like an “alien lava lamp”. :face_with_spiral_eyes:

Hey man, long time no see. :slightly_smiling_face:

I learned that on IRD you have to click on the video twice, for some reason. I have experienced this on some other websites too, so it must be a common embedded video coding glitch. Either that, or it’s a purposeful Google/YouTube surveillance tactic. :joy: Click once, wait a few seconds, and then click the arrow again and it should play. Persistence pays off. :wink:

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Okay, CGI at 3:15…

Well, she died. In order to not
Persue an angle of the afterlife for the viewer, my edit decision list consisted of this lava lamp type imagery.

Oh sure, i could have put a scene of paradise, or an image of Buddha or Jesus with outstreched arms… but i reckon was based on not alienating any one group and not knowing this particular Soviet cosmonaut’s religious beliefs if any, i went with lava lamp quasi Nihilism.

Boy. I didn’t even know the answer to your question until I started typing it! Thanks.

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Ah, makes sense. I understood it as an ‘interlude’ for sure. Now that I watch it again, there’s a kind of a psychedelic feeling to it … especially combined with the backing music akin to parts of “In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida” by Iron Butterfly.

Wonderful! I think it’s “the Stan effect”, something I precipitate apparently. :joy: I’m glad you were open to it. :beerbanger: Half the fun of life is Pandora’s Box or “life is like a box of chocolates”. :chocolate_bar:

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very nerve-wracking and chilling…reminds me of someone I looked up to. She died on the space shuttle Columbia in 2003

Yes, i was going for a romantic and yet strike at our human condition.

The music came first as i created the tracks. Each one a compostional feat to keep the whole mood intact. Then i layered in the guitar track, then i built the video sequence.

We are all saddened by the tragedies that take place under the name of progress and leaps of faith. Thanks.

Hey Stan, hope you’re doing well.

There’s no possibility of clicking twice on the YouTube links because upon clicking just one time the video image immediately goes black and is completely unresponsive. I don’t think I’ve ever had any issues with the YouTube links in the past, but none of them seem to work in recent times. I’ve been thinking that this might be due to trying to view/listen to these links on my iPad. Maybe the links will work on my laptop? I’ll have to check it out.

Btw, good to see you still hanging out on this site ! :metal::metal:

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