How Do I Optimize my Laptop for Recording

How Do I Optimize my Laptop for Recording


I just bought a new laptop for the purpose of recording music, as well as using for general purpose, everyday internet stuff.

The laptop is an i7-6700HQ, with 16 GB of RAM, a 256 GB SSD and a 1 TB 5400 rpm HDD.

I haven’t bought a recording interface yet (I’ll be asking you guys and girls about your recommendations on that topic soon) but I want to set up my laptop to be efficient and fully functional when it comes time to begin recording. I understand there’s things that can be done to optimize computers to make for a smoother, less problematic recording experience.

Can you help me with a few tips on organizing my PC, getting rid of any bloatware or anything else that would improve my laptop’s performance?

Thanks !


Sounds like a perfectly good rig!

Google is your friend on this… I just typed in “optimize a new laptop”, set it to return results from the past year (so as to avoid obsolete advice), and got tons of hits. Here are a couple highlights:

Youtube how-to vid:


One tip you are likely to see is to regularly defragment your hard drive. Note that defragmenting applies only to HDDs, not to SSDs. Because SSDs do not depend on reading from a physical surface the way HDDs do, it makes not one particle of difference if a file is fragmented across the virtual “drive”. In contrast, on a HDD platter, if the read head has to jump all over the place to pick up the pieces of a fragmented file, it does in fact slow down read time. Just an FYI…


Thanks for your help Chordwainer !


Here’s another good site: Black Viper PC Optimization

They cover shutting down unnecessary Microsoft services that use cpu cycles and generate possible interrupts.


Thanks Jay !

I’ll check that site out.


Studio Microphones is a good tool which helps to optimize your Laptop for recording. You should also a reliable touch sensor for your laptop, otherwise, It may be a touch pad issue check it [hp touchpad not working]. for good solution and other you need


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Good to be reminded of this thread though. It’s still useful for me.


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