How Deep Is Your Love, Bee Gees 1977

“How Deep Is Your Love” is a pop ballad written and recorded by the Bee Gees in 1977. The song was used as part of the soundtrack to the film Saturday Night Fever.

This classic is dedicated to peoples who want to fall deeper in love.
Love and learn, and know that this world tends to tempt us into seemingly greener pastures, but know that love is the greatest of all.
More importantly, do not be afraid of what the world is turning into, live it and turn to love for growth and prosperity, and peace!!!

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Dude!! You even cover the Bee Gees?!? This is perfect! I was skeptical that it wouldn’t sound right without that classic Barry Gibbs falsetto, but dang, it gives it a killer vibe. Well done!

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You keep this up and you might be spending some nights on broadway?


Hi holster,
You are simply awesome!
I love your comments, very enthusiastic and real!!!
Thank you so much!

Hi feaker,
I would love to spend a week on Broadway!
The last time we were in a Broadway show in NY was 2 decades ago.
You are so kind, but dreams are there to enjoy.