How can you possibly match guitar technique like this?

That’s a pretty epic 3 notes there!!

You know what they say say “less is more” …or in this case - even LESS would be better, and NONE would be perfect. :yum:

Ah!.. But just imagine how much better he’d sound if he spent another $50k on guitars and amps​:money_mouth_face: :wink:

Is it really possible for his guitar playing to be worse than his acting? I can’t really in good conscience say “don’t give up your day job” because the only thing the world needs LESS than another badly intonated blues solo is another Steven Seagal movie!


Nailed it. Hahahahaha

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He’s been working on the “Cinnamon Girl” solo but hasn’t quite got it down yet.

Let’s look at the bright side; other than 5 through 7, very limited fret wear.

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He already has, many times over… dude has a collection of something like 300 guitars, including some owned by very famous players. I saw some documentary clip about it recently, and wondered why they didn’t show him actually playing any of that huge collection of instruments. Now I know!!

Yeah, I was aware of his guitar collecting fetish. I guess my sarcasm didn’t translate into text.

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I’d hate to be the dude that tells him he sucks. He’s bigger than me. (and grumpier)

not bad…his right hand position is already better than Marty Friedman.

I’m no Steven Seagal blues fan, but in his defence he can actually string together a half decent solo:

Is it just me or is anybody else mesmerised by his Albert King picking hand? I swear to Goodness, at around 3:06 he literally sweep picks his way through that part of the solo… I will question (ever so slightly) his timing and intonation - but not to his face.

half decent solo my arse! infact i think what you`re hearing is actually the other guy!

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I wish he was more like the Scotsman I know, who knows how to play the bagpipes, but is polite enough not to.

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My bad-- I figured you were poking fun, I just misjudged what at! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I think its funny how at 4:30 he just decides to start a solo in the middle of the other guys solo. Ha!

I am jealous of that Soldano amp. I can just imagine how godly that’ll sound with me playing through it.