How are my new monitors translating

Could you please let me know.Thanks guys and girls

The overall vibe is a tad brittle. But through laptop speakers your high and low seem balanced, and your vocal is clear and forward. But yeah…it has some harshness that you may want to look into. Especially when many mixes in that groovy mellow pop genera err on the side of smooth. Not enough info to know if thats a mixing preference, a flawed room or a monitor problem.

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Hmmm. At the office, the Focals SM9’s are showing the overall balance is still good, but still harsh. On the more detailed speakers, there’s a little bit of dynamic control missing.

Which monitors, and what do you have going on for room treatment?

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They are the Eris 5 presonus .Got some bass traps and a few pads nothing major

Is it mainly the guitars you are finding harsh?

No it seems like its everything. Vocals, BGV, sidestick, snare, cymbals, but guitar too.

Is your monitor curve set flat?
Its 3-5k I’m getting assaulted with lol. Could this be a reflection/absorbtion issue?

You may want to wait for some other feedback…you’ll certainly want someone else to verify.

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How does this sound ? harshness gone ?

I can’t tell, but I’m leaning toward no…I wish someone else could weigh in here though…I don’t want to send you on a wild goose chase if everything sounds ok to everyone else. Its also a little harder to tell from that track.

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