How a GIANT studio uses a GIANT mixer. Big mixer System 5 vs SSL vs Neve console digital analog

I was chatting with some film audio guys and stumbled across this video. Thought @CCbro in particular might find it interesting, and anyone else here who might wonder what companies like Todd, Technicolor, Skywalker, Parkroad, and Sony do with these behemoth consoles. Also gives some insight into the workflow.

This one was a ‘WTF!?’ even for me. I’ve never seen a fully maxed System 5.

Here’s the video.

…and if anyone wants to see a breakdown what the thing actually does, some of the guys who are new to this mixer asked avid to post some instructional videos. After about 6 months of asking, avid dug them up and tossed them on youtube lol. Its way different than a Neve or SSL.

Here’s the link

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That looks like the control room in the movie “War Games”.

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