Hoffa mix contest mix

Enjoyed mixing this even tho I don’t understand a word

As far as I listened to your mix, I found it very straightforward, nothing really fancy or some bold effects.
Regarding the original mix and the tracks, I think it lacks of low end, like you hi-pass filter too much and you kept the piano very wide (maybe hard panned) in the mix and I found it a bit disturbing because each played chord move the stereo image from side to side :confused:
I think you could keep the piano mono on the busy parts and open the stereo where it could take the lead.

By the way, cool mix, there is nothing really wrong to bash!

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Looking at the piano now. Looking at my session there is not one thing high past


So the low end need punch or something else to get that EDM feeling the song required.

What did you adjust on that revised mix?

Piano mainly ,Im not so sure if I wanted to give it that feel I was going to do some heavy pumping side chain but decided against it