Hofa 2018 Xmas Mix Contest

Hofa 2018 Xmas Mix Contest


Hofa has just introduced their 2018 mix contest here.


Lol… That’s a real contest. That rough mix is better than most peoples final mixes will be.

I’m gonna take a swat at this one. Given the January closing date, I should have a few weeks of downtime to get something together. I hope you guys can help me with a couple bashes!


Man. I like that song! This thing is a real good fit for what I feel my mixing strengths are.

I think those layers of overdubs on the horns though were total overkill. I’d mute a few of them out, and I think I know exactly what to do with that vocal to preserve the retro/bluesy-ness of the vibe but keep it forward, clear, and modern sounding at the same time. The most important thing with a vocal like this is to not damage it with EQ and compression artifacts - preserving the clarity and intimacy of the mic they chose and the takes that they com’d together.

Anyone have any thoughts on how to win this? Anyone else interested in giving it a try?

Miked… are you planning on submitting a mix?


Absolutely! This song is sooo much better than the last 2 years too. I didn’t even try last year because I couldn’t listen to that song more than once. :slight_smile: The Hofa contests always seem to be written by the Hofa CEO and always the same singer…


Wow, that’s beautiful. Impressive tracking and arrangement. Nicely recorded. The horns are awesome. The whole piece is very tight and well-balanced.

Hm,m. I’m tempted to download the tracks and not do anything to them at all; then submit them “as is” for my mix! Less is more, right?

Think I could pull it off? :smile:

Heck, wouldn’t that be a stitch! Do nothing, submit it and take home the prize. Only problem with that is you guys would never speak with me again!


On a more serious note, I can’t wait to see what y’all do with this. Very nice piece. I’m gonna watch this one closely!


It seems like 2 contests in 1.

You could enter the MIX contest, or REMIX contest, (or both?)


At the bottom of the page, it says

For organisational reasons we can accept only one (the last) sent mix for the contest.

It seems like you have to pick one or the other.

@Tesgin Don’t just wait and see. Hop on in! These contests are great for practice (and humility). :grinning:


Interesting. This could be lots of fun for a bunch of us here!