Hmmmm. What chord is this?

Was getting this ready for a wedding prelude this weekend. Its not often that I run across a chord and scratch my head trying to decide what it actually is.

Looking at the second chord with the Eb root…

Thoughts anyone?

Looks like an E-flat diminished icky with an add 9.

In other words, I’m clueless :stuck_out_tongue:

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Too many notes.

Is that like a (ManyNotes)ADD 2?

If you need more than 10 fingers to play it, then it’s an alien chord.
Otherwise it should be fine - just play it.


Wait a minute!! Do guys say icky??? Looks like a D sharp augmented 9th capo’d up to the 27th fret

… as Jonathan asks himself, why did I bother asking these guys again…??

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Perhaps a vi 9/11…

B flat= flat 7
C= root
B flat = flat 7
E flat = flat 3

You mean a flatted minor 6? Possible… Eb, Gb (F# enharmonic), and Bb seem like you could go that direction. The D♮ in the top voice is kind of an irregular 7th then… and it doesn’t really fit into any chord label I can think of.

I also looked at calling the the D♮, F#, and Bb in the top 3 voices a D+ chord, then thinking of the C♮ in the bottom as a 7th… So D7+5…but the Eb in the left hand throws a bit of a wrench in that idea. Honestly, by the time you put D7+5/Eb in a symbol, you probably defeated the purpose of attempting to name it. I think its a miracle that Puccini got it to function harmonically.

Hmmm. That Gmajor to Eb-ish thing re-occours through the entire aria. Its a pretty song. Don’t get asked to play this stuff at weddings much! It’ll be a fun gig this weekend.

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Here it is in context

Nessun Dorma is one of the most amazing tunes ever written… and Puccini is my fave composer ever…

And here’s what we call a SHOW !!!

I wasn’t crazy about the Paul Potts performance…Did watch it though as a I was learning the song. However I’m glad this style of music is still getting recognition in todays pop-culture.

I can’t stand listening to stuff with such crap sound quality as the Pavarotti video…
Overall, the Potts video is 50 times less painful…


Oh, I agree…the sound is much better on the Paul Potts video. I just liked the way Pavarotti sang it better. Don’t get me wrong…the accomplished classical singer isn’t always better. There are a number of times when you took a classical vocalist out of their element, placed them in broadway, jazz, or pop, and it was an amusing experiment but sounded awful. I just mentioned it because the Pavarotti video was the first one that came up when I searched :slight_smile: