Hiphop insturmental - Crystalline

This is a hiphop insturmental I’ve been working on. I eventually want to add lead guitar over the top, but I wanted to make sure the other instruments and arrangement sounded good first. Please give me some feedback about the arrangement and the mixing.

Overall, this sounds good on iPad earbuds. One thing that stands out to me, and its only VERY SLIGHT, is something is slightly harsh to me in the snare drum. Take my input with a grain of salt. :slight_smile:

What you have sounds OK to me but the arrangement is too simple and repetitive. Maybe when you are finished it will come together but I think you need more than just guitar over the top. A break, bridge, some more parts?

The music all sounds pretty good. Nice balance and tone.
To stand on it’s own (even with a guitar solo) and be called a hip hop track, I’m not so sure.
Think vocals.

BigAlRocks - Thanks. I’ll try to EQ the snare a bit to get rid of any harshness.

ingolee - You might be right, but I want to see how it sounds with just guitar first. I checked out some modern hiphop and it’s actually more repetitive than this in most cases. I hope the lead parts will make a difference, but we’ll see.

terryhesticles - Thank you. I want this to be a mix of hiphop and instrumental rock, but there isn’t really too many good example of that. Especially with modern hip hop. I might just release it as a beat if the guitar doesn’t work with it.