Hill Billy, mix

Hill Billy music

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Sounds pretty good, nice and forward in the mids, maybe needs the lead vocal automated or the instruments ducked a little during the lead vocal parts. Or just turn the lead vocal up 2dB and center it for a quick fix.

There was too much guitar bleed to turn the vox up any more,The vox are how they was in the room

So, how about this… put bleed guitar / vox central, compress hard to make vocal duck guitar a little, then add in whats missing tonewise as required. you maybe be able to edit out both the vocal/ guitar tracks to make them separate using automation.

OR just post the bleedy vocal track if you want, we can look at it, to try to solve that .


I like this tune! But I agree, the vocals are way too subdued. Dial back the instruments a bunch to get the levels more balanced, and you’re pretty much done. That’s some good shit-kickin right there!!

Beautiful, Alan, with the instrumentals. Absolutely perfect. Don’t care for the vocals, though. The main vocals just aren’t loud enough. I know that’s consistent with the genre, to a degree, but I’m with Dave & Vaughan. Bring 'em up. So, e.g., at 1:30 and 2:37, the harmony was louder than the lead vocal.

But, gotta say it again: the guitars, bass, fiddle & whatever else ya got going on instrumentally, wow. Perfect, perfect mix.

I’d love to know what plugins you had on the bass & guitars, and also the mix buss. You nailed this, brother! :slight_smile:

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Cheers,glad you like it,if i remember i used IK Bass dude for some grit and used the summit audio TLA-100A for bass ,i use that a lot,pretty sure its on the guitars too.Mix bus is usually waves ssl bus comp and of late i have been using the PA Townhouse bus comp.Sorry i cant check the project as its been deleted but im pretty sure what i used.