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Hi everyone, I’m Skillet. I’ve been recording and making music for a number of years. I started out working in a small independent studio in New Jersey when I was a kid, and studied music in college. Since I left school, I’ve played in a number of bands, and done a little recording.

I have some outboard gear as far as microphones and pre-amps go. My current interface is a UAD Apollo series. My current favorite preamp I have is a Focusrite ISA two. My favorite mic that I have right now is an Avantone CV12. I do most of my mixing in Logic, although I have used some different DAWs in the past.

My big thing right now is plugins, and getting as many mixes in as I can. I listened to some of my really old stuff last night, and was kind of appalled. I look forward to workign on the mixing contest and getting some feedback from the crowd.

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Great to have you here! Looking forward to hearing your work and seeing what you come up with on the mix contest. @Danny_Danzi on here is also from NJ! Actually, I think there are at least a few of you. Talk to you soon!

I see that we meet again

Peace, JJ

Bienvenue skilleto !

@skilleto Welcome to the greatest music comminity on this server! If you need help just ask…you might be able to help us, ha!

welcome dude, looking forward to hearing your stuff

Welcome Skillet! Sounds like your journey shares some similarities with those of others here too. I sure know what you mean about going back and listening to early mixes…!! :grin: Hope you enjoy the group.

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Thanks. This is probably going to be my first time participating instead of just reading what everyone else has posted.

Hey! Welcome :D[quote=“stephen123, post:1, topic:625”]
I want to increase my knowledge and strengths in the area this community focus on. That’s why I am here. And I will also share my ideas and knowledge with you.

Me thinks you could be a spammer.

WtF??? that went in the wrong thread lol.

HIya Skilleto :smiley:

Getting mixes under my belt and exposing my weakness (and strengths ? lol ) is what we need as well,
This place seems like it has good potential to help all here learn…

I plan to do my best in helping others as well…
Although I feel I am no where near as good as most, I do hear well… That may be my strength , lol,

nice to meet ya :smiley:

Can’t figure it out what happened here! If you ever find me spamming here, block me anytime.

Hey, welcome here. I hope you’ll find some friendship and music here!!

@stephen123 that wasn’t you…I tried to post something elsewhere and it ended up on @skilleto s introductory thread somehow. Weird.