Hi people!

Hi people!


Hello, my name is Marcos, I am a mixing engineer and mastering engineer graduated in one great school in my country. I studied production, Pro Tools and mixing & mastering, gaining three certificates. I am promoting my services, spreading them for the world right now. I hope we can talk a lot about music :slight_smile:



Hey! Welcome. Glad u made it over to the forum :slight_smile: Feel free to jump in on some conversations and get to know some of the group. Sorry they treated u like shit on that other forum. That wont happen here.


Thanks Jonathan.


Welcome aboard Marcos. Glad you found us.




Welcome Marcos! Hope you have fun here.




You might consider putting a map pin in our Membership Map, which you can read about here:



And check out the cover song contest we are hosting! Also, great to have you here :+1: