Hi I'm Luc from NL

Hi guys and gals,

I am Luc, Senior Engineer, I’m established in '63 :stuck_out_tongue:
Next to my own company Aecom® Communications in the Netherlands, I am a musician for 35 years now, playing drums, bass and keys (preferably the Hammond)
Interested in several of music styles, I played in surf, garage, new wave, funk, reggae, jazz -bands.
I’m active as sound engineer for some 13 years now.
Hope to meet you soon


Pro Tools 12.7

-Mobile and static studios just are ready :slight_smile: http://www.audioreg.com
‘Mixing is very subjective, once the 1st mix is launched it will be considered as THE standard’

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Welcome Luc! Glad to have you with us. Sounds like you have a lot of experience and that will benefit everyone. :wink:

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@Luc Welcome home! If you need any help, just ask. If you want to help us out, well we can use it. Thanks for choosing our awesome community!


Welcome. It is great to have you joining us. I enjoyed the listen to the song.

Hi there Luc,
Welcome - Great to have you here!

Welcome Luc!

@Luc, it’s great to have you here! Looks like you have a lot of experience to share here. That’s awesome! Welcome!!

Welcome…nice folks here:)



Hey Luc,
Welkom hier :wink:

Where are you from in the Netherlands ? I’m from Belgium


Welcome Luc!

hey Luc,
Welcome fellow Dutchman! Just listening to your mixes now. Sounds convincing to me. Interesting twists in the chord structure and rhythms. Did you write this stuff as well?

Hey there Luc, great to have you here :slight_smile: