Hi Gang

Hi Gang
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Hello all! I used to hang around on the old Recording Review site for a while and met some great folks over there, then life got in the way and I took a big step back from music and learning how to record. Now I’m back at it! Full of enthusiasm and (hopefully not overly dumb) questions! I got 99 problems and a mix ain’t 1! (In fact, it’s all 99 :wink:


Haha! I got a good kick out of that last sentence. Welcome back old friend! :slight_smile:


Thanks! Happy to see some familiar names on the forum! I’m also long overdue for a good bashing too, that’s still a thing around here I hope!?


Hi Daniel & welcome back, fellow RR veteran here… BTR is still alive and well - you can find it here:





Welcome back into the fold.


Welcome (back) @Pirrie08! Glad you found us again. Have fun!


Thanks all!