Hi from the UK :)

Hi from the UK :)


Matt from the UK. Trance Producer and have lots of questions regarding acoustic treatment :slight_smile:



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Greetings from Pennsylvania, USA. Welcome!

Welcome to the forum. I look forward to reading to you around.

Welcome - I don’t know how many trance producers are on here, but there’s certainly a lot of well-qualified folks to answer your questions!

Greetings Matt, and welcome! Coming to you from the Commonwealth of Virginia in the US. We’re glad you found us!

Hi Matt Michigan here. Songwriter at 70. I’m the old dude here. Don’t know what a trance producer is?? ha ha Nice to meet cha:)




Welcome from PA, USA!

Welcome from Wisconsin, USA.
Glad you found us.

Hi,i am UK too down south in kent. What questions do you have?

Lots but mainly at the moment, I am making some broadband absorbers and have ordered some rockwool rwa45 75mm thick and putting it in some DIY frames 100mm thick so there will be a 25mm gap from wall to rockwool. Was told that is better. Will 75mm be ok for broadband? Going to then make some bass traps and use 200mm thick to try and tackle the low end.

Yes that all sounds fine,will improve your room big time

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