Hi from Germany

Hey guys, my name is Ed van Schloensing… strange name…?!..Its my artist name. I am a mixing and mastering engineer and producer based south of Berlin.
I have my own recording studio in a forest and love making and mixing music. If u like to hear what i am doing my company is called Perfect-balance musicproduction and u can visit my page


Welcome Ed! We’re happy to have you with us. Hope you enjoy the community we have here. Looking forward to hearing your work!

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Welcome it is nice to have you join us. had a listen to some stuff on your website, sounding good.

Hi Ed! Great to see some other pro studio guys joining up with us! Great looking site…even though I can’t read German lol.

Damn, i have to make it in english, sorry, time is a precious thing if u are running older :wink:

but thx for your interest and comments, really appreciated

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Welcome mate ! Indeed a very nice looking site ! Checking out some tunes now. Sounding nice man !

Velcome! @michtl! Glad you decided to join the best damn audio bunch on the interwebs!

Thx for your warm welcome and happy mixing

Welcome Ed/michtl!

That’s very cool! On your Soundcloud I came across the artist Matsukawa Volt, and I really like the songs “Been There Lately” and “Mean Bone”. I don’t see much info about the band anywhere though, it seems like they would have an interesting story.

I especially like the pre-chorus “hook” on Been There Lately, it seems like you did some vocal “hype” (excitement) with a cadence on “My”, “I”, and “Lets” that really makes the song jump out at me. Did you just do multiple vocal layers there, or did you add some effects to that also? Automation on the backing vocals volume to make it “pop” more? Very curious how you approached being the ‘producer’ for this band. I think they are really good, the songs and performances very appealing, and your production and mixing on them also very good.


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Super cool to have you here! Welcome and have fun around here :slight_smile:

Hi Mitch I have a rare German last name…Feak They call me Feaker, and I am very old:) Nice to meet you.



hey Stan, thx for your interest. sadly the band doesnt exist anymore. I mixed these songs some years ago when i started my studies in mastering at the deutsche pop. but i advanced in the last 3 years so i decided to mix it again at least been there lately. didnt have the time to remix mean bone again. I have to open the projects again to give you some insight but i can do that when i am in my studio, so i will tell you later

OK, thank you!

Hey Stan,
just opened the been there lately session which i did last november. ok, try to answer, did nothing very special to the vocals. it was quite good performance but i think i cut it together at some parts. we used a neumann tlm103. actually the “my”,“I” and so on was the way she performed it, no automation on the way. i put an la2a on the vox with some 2-3db gain reduction followed by a pultec pushing some 200Hz to give her some beef, after that a ssl eq where i boosted 2,5 4,5 and 8 kHz 1-2db to make it present and in your face a bit more than some tape delay with 70ms and no feedback. i send her to a nice room and some delay which i send into the room too. i did some parallel compression by an 1176 followed by some 7k boost and aphex exciter and some tape machine. i had 4 backing tracks i did the same la2a on but equed it opposite (2,5, 4,5 and 8k attenuation) to keep it in the backround, all 4 were panned hard l/r.

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I guess I’m just hearing her accentuate those words/syllables on the lead vocal and the backing vocals. I think she is a very talented vocalist, too bad she is not performing anymore?

Thanks for all the details on how you processed and mixed the vocals! Very inspiring!

Hey there and welcome aboard, I hear you on the strange name part :wink: Just took a peak at your site, amazing stuff :slight_smile: