Hi from France

Hi, I come here because I like a lot music, I don’t play any instrument but like hear music.
I don’t know any technical langage and I’m sorry about that but I can learn.

Hope to be abble to give you some useful advice…


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Welcome tinkle. Enjoy the forum.

Hi and welcome! I’m new here too, and French as well. I have noticed several other French members here so you will probably find someone to assist if you need help with technical vocabulary.

Hey there tinkle,
welcome to the gang, hope you’ll have some good times on here with the rest of us :slight_smile:

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Welcome aboard.

Bienvenue Tinkle!

(Sounds like a title of an “adult revue” ) :open_mouth:

Thanks everybody!

Welcome @tinkle ! Dive on in this great community!

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