Hi from Cayman

Hi from Cayman

Hi all,

My name is Clive

I haven’t been recording for quite some time but found myself looking at the microphones I bought in previous years, remembering some of the recording dreams that I had of just having people come together to create.

Today I was staring at a e614 sennheiser in my hand, and wondered to myself what happened ,and why I never bought the other for overheads. Then I went looking for more gear and then I remembered recording review which led me here.

I am now falling back in love with what started out as Winamp, windows recorder and a mono tape recorder connected to the line out of my computer.

Currently record in logic x
Instruments: Guitar, Piano,Drums, Bass, Didgeridoo

Hope the intro wasn’t too long.


Great to have you here. You’ll find that the people here are friendly and helpful.

Hope to hear some of the music you record. Have fun with your musical journey!

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Hey Clive - Welcome! Feel free to jump in and comment, or even post a link to your music here.

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Hi Clive I am 71, the old guy here. We need new folks cuz sometimes the site gets a touch stale. ha ha
Looking forward to hearing your stuff. Don’t be shy now.

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Welcome Clive. Intro was great, I look forward to reading you around.

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Hi Clive and welcome!
Feel free to post whatever questions you have about recording, mixing etc. Or anything else for that matter!
And let us hear what you’re recording. “bash this recording” sounds quite intimidating but it can be really helpful - at whatever level you’re at. I learnt a lot from comments!
See ya around!

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Welcome aboard Clive.
Glad you found us once again.

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Welcome Clive! Great to have you with us. Winamp, wow! Haven’t thought of that in ages. And I think you may the first to be rockin’ a didgeridoo around here! Hope you have fun (and your intro was great)!

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Welcome mate. Get stuck in. Wonderfully supportive crew here.

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