Hi form Switzerland

Hi form Switzerland


Hello everyone!

I’ve spend some time on the Recordingreview forum but not recently. A good RR friend told me the forum was dying and that something new has been started. So here am I.

For the story, I began home recording almost ten years ago to record bands I play with. I ended up discovering I could write and sing songs that were ok.

During this journey I recorded some artists and help some others with recording…It was fun and still is. I’m still recording my own song and will continue to record my own bands too. And I will probably need to help to achieve honorable results.

I’ll do my best to be helpful here but I’m not quite sure how often I’ll be around.



PS: I write and speak some time my own version of English…so be kind, and help me out!

Ok, that is one song of mine.



You probably already know it, but you live in one of the most beautiful countries in the world. What is your first language? Am I right to think that there are different languages in different parts of Switzerland?



Welcome! Good to have you.


Hey Mathieu! Great that you made it over here. Welcome!


Mathieu! Welcome to the new musical place!!
I am very keen to hear some more sounds from you.
So glad you found your way here…



Hi kake I am a green bay packer cheese head fan. Maybe we can get together as a swiss cheese combo. ha ha welcome



Hi Mathieu ! Welcome here!

Why don’t you post one of your songs?



Hey Mathieu, awesome to have you here! Greetings from Ex-fH fH!


Welcome Kakeux!

Never a problem with your English - put it this way, better than my German, French or Italian and certainly better than my Romansh!


Welcome @Kakeux ! Glad to see you made it here.


Thanks everyone for the warm welcome!

I don’t if I live in the most beautiful country, but I have to admit there are worst places on earth…cheaper too :wink:

My first language is French. And yes there are 4 different official languages in Switzerland: French, German, Italian and Romansh. Few people speak the last one.

Happy to see that I already “know” some of you.

As for posting one of my song, I definitely can do it. I just have to figure out how.

Edit: looks like I’m too young to post a song :wink:


I think you need 10 posts.


Yeah man. will be great to hear some of your new stuff. it has been way to long.


AHAH for the new stuff, you’ll have to wait. I mean I need to finish something, for the last month, I started too many songs without finishing one…

But I tried to convince my self to pull out an album in 2017…

So as an introduction, I’ll have to post an old one.


Just post one song in the main post…Hope you’ll like it, just a bit is enough :wink:


ahh that takes me back. good stuff.


Hey Matthieu! Good to have you here, love the song! Thanks for sharing.


Sounds awesome Mathieu! For some reason it reminds me of Simon & Garfunklel’s “The Boxer”


Thanks Patrick and thanks Andrew


Ahhh lovely to hear your sounds again!!!