Hi, everyone. Newbie here

Hi, I’m Chris, 50yo from Orange, a town in Australia that you’ve never heard of. I used to hang around Recording Review and I managed to put up some songs and other pieces. That was a few years ago.
Do people put up current gear around here? Oh, well: I use Logic now, mostly recording instruments ‘in the room’ (sequenced drums, 'cause I can’t play them); bought a stack of good mics since last posting on RR – mostly Rode and Shure. I use an M-Audio M-Track 8 interface.
Hope to enjoy your music and comments along the way.

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Hey Chris - Welcome! I’m up here in Brisbane. My in-laws used to live in Cowra about 20 years ago, so I’ve been through/to Orange once or twice. Feel free to post some links to your music. Good to have some more Aussies here - Jump in and join the conversation! :+1:

Hi Chris,

Welcome aboard. Glad that you found us once again.

Welcome! I look forward to hearing your music!

Welcome to IRD!

Hi Chris. Coffee’s hot. Come and set a spell

Hey Chris. Plenty of Aussies on the site which is great. I’m from Bendigo, a coupe hours north of Melbourne, although I lived there for 20 years once I went to Uni.

Good to see you joining again and still making music!

Welcome. I look forward to reading you around.

Greetings from Pennsylvania.