Hi everyone - from Starliner in west central FL

Hi everyone - from Starliner in west central FL

Just sayin’ HI to everyone here. Understand RecordingReview is no more, but many of the members there live on here… that’s good!



Yup! Most of us are here :smiley:

Glad to see ya found us!!

Welcome back (Kotter). :grin:


Welcome back !

Welcome Starliner! Glad you found the new asylum. Hope you have fun here!

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Glad you found us!! Welcome! :slight_smile:

Hi Star. Nice to meet cha



Thanks everyone!

I just pinned the map with my general location. I am near Dunnellon, in western Marion County Florida, which is west of, and almost directly in line (latitude), with Ocala and Daytona Beach.
I am setting up a small home studio, using an Allen & Heath GS-R24M board, a pair of Roland VS-2480’s, tape decks, and a computer.
Working on designing my own console for the gear now.

Have a great 4th of July everyone!


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Hi ya… welcome aboard :grin: