Hi everyone - from Starliner in west central FL

Hi everyone - from Starliner in west central FL
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Just sayin’ HI to everyone here. Understand RecordingReview is no more, but many of the members there live on here… that’s good!



Yup! Most of us are here :smiley:

Glad to see ya found us!!


Welcome back (Kotter). :grin:



Welcome back !


Welcome Starliner! Glad you found the new asylum. Hope you have fun here!

Please consider adding a map marker to our Membership Map, which you can read about here:



Glad you found us!! Welcome! :slight_smile:


Hi Star. Nice to meet cha




Thanks everyone!

I just pinned the map with my general location. I am near Dunnellon, in western Marion County Florida, which is west of, and almost directly in line (latitude), with Ocala and Daytona Beach.
I am setting up a small home studio, using an Allen & Heath GS-R24M board, a pair of Roland VS-2480’s, tape decks, and a computer.
Working on designing my own console for the gear now.

Have a great 4th of July everyone!



Hi ya… welcome aboard :grin: