Hey girls (Or guys who wear earrings) - question about headphones

Hey girls (Or guys who wear earrings) - question about headphones


@Emma, @Cristina - Do either of you girls have problems with headphones getting in the way of earrings when you track vocals or acoustic guitar?

I love these highly noise isolating sound cancelling headphones, but they seem to bother VO artists sometimes. Was wondering if you ever noticed headphones bothering your jewelry - Natalie just doesn’t wear earrings when she tracks. I think she just takes hers off but I’m not sure. Was debating getting a secondary set of cans, but I really these!!


Haha I don’t have my ears pierced. Never occurred to me to think about this. :woman_shrugging:



you crack me up sometimes Jonathon
um okay… I wear enormous earrings sometimes and if they are uncomfortable in the cans, I take them off :sunglasses:

I find that wearing glasses can be a pain with headphones as it can place extra pressure on the head and ache after a while, that is far more of an issue than earrings. Another fashion issue is the way that headphones wreck your hair… now that is a gender neutral thing I think?? maybe?


I’m with you on that one Emma. I rest the ear pieces on top of the cans. It angles the lenses down a bit and makes me look even more of a tit than normal but it relieves the pressure.


Ok. I guess I deserved that lol.

Noted Emma. In my area of the country its very rare for men to wear ear jewelry - so I wasn’t thinking about that. But I’ll try and be more conscientious about this!


In NZ it is VERY common for men to wear earrings, usually just one… different social norm eh?


nope, they don’t wreck my hair