Hey, does anyone remember GarageBand from RR?

Hey, does anyone by chance know how to get a hold of him? Can someone please p.m. me if you happen to have his contact info? If its even the same, its buried in my p.m.'s somewhere on Drury’s old server.

He did some mastering work for some tracks way back in 2014, and the band is just now publishing the CD lol.

@garageband has an account on here, so hopefully tagging him like I did will bring this to his attention :wink:

Ah! Thought he did, but I didn’t see him on the users list…then I realized inactive drop off after a certain amount of time. Gotchya!

Rich, if you happen to see this, p.m. me your contact info! :smiley:

Remember him well, and hope he comes around again.

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I agree! I know he hadn’t been recording for some time, but it’d still be great to see him!

Hi, guys! Yes, it’s true: pretty much out of the recording thing for now. Sold the console and most of my gear. About to peddle my Slingerlands to the jazz drummer I’m playing with so he can have a set packed up.

Hanging out at TalkBass as saabfender. Being doing a lot of playing in the meantime. Actually came over to grab a link for a guy who wanted to get better at his recordings who’s just starting out. Going to tell him I know some nice folks who will take care of him.


Great to see you @garageband ! Thanks for sending folks our way! Feel free to check in and hang out any time.

Also, I’m glad to hear that you’re still playing. :beerbanger:


Hey man! I was trying to remember the name of your old studio, and it was bugging the hell out of me that I couldn’t think of it.

One of the bands you mastered a track for is finally putting the thing on a CD five years later haha. Thought of you when he asked me for the names for the engineering credits for his website.

Are you still in Indiana?

You’re at least keeping a computer, a pair of monitors, and a DP license…right? :smiley:

Hey, can you P.M. me your phone number? Mine’s still the same if you have it.

Hey Hey gb!! Great to see you. Hope you visit from time to time. Glad you are keeping active with performing!

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Thanks. I’ll text you the info. I still have your number in my phone.

Really nice to see I’m fondly remembered. Still have my monitors and stands in this tiny room almost entirely covered with the panels I made. Have the Central Station for monitoring.

A couple weeks ago, I dropped off to my boys (15&17) an old G5 (bought at an auction for $61) loaded with DP, all my old driver CDs, a Presonus AudioBox and a fistful of mics and cables and stands.

Went back to show them how to run the stuff. They immediately got it. They already had an amp miked up an SM58. Sent the youngest in the other room to play something, so we had something to work on. He improvised a very cool little 30 seconds bass solo. Instantiated plugs and bounced it down. We actually made something. I was proudest dad on the planet at that moment.


Site’s looking very nice, @holster.

Thank you! It has been really fun to work on. I just couldn’t handle watching RR fade away.

I’d love to hear some of the results some time!