Hey....are any of you guys into VR (Virtual reality) stuff? Thoughts on audio?

As soon as this movie’s done (which it almost is), I’m going to make a go at VR audio. For someone that already has Nuendo or Pro Tools HD, its a relatively small investment to get into the VR audio post space. I just love love love this type of technology and have always wanted to be involved with the content creation of it on the audio end.

Anyone here own an Oculus or other VR gadget? I don’t know that anyone here is dabbling in mixing this stuff…I was more or less curious if anyone uses a VR device.

In the downtime at the Miami gig I was researching the hell out of this stuff trying to figure out what it would take to pick up a potential client that publishes story game content. I’m pretty sure I can get this up and running… It looks like so much fun.

…and here’s how the mics work

Edit: By the way, Facebook and youtube both support Ambisonics encoding for people who own the devices :slight_smile:

Funnily enough I visited friends in Malaysia, and one of them has a Sony VR setup. Blew my mind, and gave me a migraine for a day. I have to say, one thing that was lacking was the sound, as It was coming out of stereo speakers rather than a surround sound setup. But the actual experience is amazing when you’re playing games. It’s hard to explain driving a car in a game, and being able to look over your shoulder to see who’s trying to overtake you!

Totally! My wife bought me an Oculus vizor for Christmas a couple years ago. The big apps seem to be coming out with good audio, but the smaller ones left me thinking that I should never have to ‘think’ about the sound. Just like in a movie. An average person may subliminally think about music for a sec, but the minute the really ‘notice’ it, somethings wrong. The sound on a lot of VR stuff is downright distracting, and I hope my company can help remedy that lol.

Yeah. It’ll catch on. Its taken me a sec to explain to people the difference between surround being based on a fixed reference point and ambisonics tracking the direction of your head. But I think this stuff is here to stay. I don’t know anyone in VR who doesn’t appreciate a properly calibrated motion tracker along with a VR lenses.

I only tried VR once, (a few years ago) and it gave me a migraine too! I’m not interested in trying it again for quite a while, maybe until they’ve gone through more iterations.

Yup. Client signed on tonight for VR. I got 'em! Its a low pressure gig, but the stereo version is very very nice in my opinion. The project is already complete, they just need the ambisonics up mix, but the PT files are already in stellar shape!. So this is a really good first project to get my feet wet in. They’re gonna get to work re-designing the graphic content for VR and I’m gonna have my first VR project in the portfolio. yay :slight_smile:

Yeah. This ain’t for everyone. My wife got motion sick lol. And she also says 3d movies hurt her eyes. Do you have the same problems with 3d movies, or was it just the VR thing that didn’t agree with your headache?

I got the Oculus Rift a little while back. Mind-blowing stuff, but some of the games/experiences definitely started to give me motion sickness. I’ve heard getting a better video card helps by allowing for a faster frame rate.

I’m really intrigued by the audio portion of it, and very interested to hear about your experience with it @Jonathan

I can’t believe the amount of people having motion sickness problems with that thing! I guess I got luck and I’m completely immune to motion sickness somehow. That does seem like a little bit of a concern for people looking to publish content in this market.

I actually think this is caused by the design of the games / worlds. I played a Star Wars game, and it was very close up and constant motion. Imaging following a bunch of insects buzzing around your head. I didn’t find any relief in the game, because in real life you would simply just look to the distance to reset your eyes.

I haven’t watched 3D in a long time, but I remember it making me dizzy so I never liked it.

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Yeah, my wife totally gets motion sickness from 3D and VR stuff, so I know what you mean.
I’m so old school, I’d really rather watch 2D stuff anyway lol

I refuse to watch any 3D movie that wasn’t shot in 3D. That’s actually a tiny percentage of movies shown in 3D. The way I view it, when a movie is shot in actual 3D (Avatar being the best example possible of this), the 3D adds a depth into the screen. You can actually put your hand into the screen and feel the depth. When 3D is added to a film that was shot originally in 2D, that depth is woefully missing. Instead, you get what I call the “cut out” effect, where it feels like the 3D is simply objects cut out of the original movie, and then placed slightly in front of the background, like a popup card.