Here I am needy again....looking for guitar effects software

Here I am needy again....looking for guitar effects software



I would second the Scuffham SGear recommendation. Also, Softube Vintage Amp room has a really nice sounding mid-gain Marshall…cant remember if ut is plexi or JCM800, but either way, sounds and feels pretty good for a sim and would cover sounds you mention.


I know exactly what you mean. In fact, one of the presets on S-Gear is WarmCookieLife.


Cool, I like some of those. I used them to do a nu metal early 2000’s style mix of @bozmillar’s Low Down song. It’s supposed to sound like the early 2000’s (ie shitty), but the guitars sound cool, and real!


I use BIAS amp and Amplitube on multiple guitar tracks in Reaper, in my i7 laptop, and haven’t had any problems whatsoever. I haven’t optimized my laptop or adjusted any settings in Reaper to improve the performance. My wifi is always on, also. Is it possible that your computer needs to be defragmented. I’m hoping my laptop runs well for a long time.


its stories like this that piss me off to no end lol. Nothing in life comes that easy for me

bottom line, Win10 is a piece of crap lol. This is a brand new laptop so i dont see how defragging could even come into play.

Its possible that my 3.5 yr old focusrite 2i4 is falling apart and has sucky drivers and id say for sure the wifi card has sucky drivers. For instance even while just watching youtube vids on the new or old laptop, lots of times the vid will freeze and you start seeing the “experiencing interruptions?” thing come up…I unplug the interface and the vid starts back again

I almost pulled the trigger on an RME Babyface pro interface the other day for around $750. People rave on and on about the RME stuff like it will be the solution to all of lifes troubles. Evidently they actually write their own drivers etc. Dunno. I just paid $1k for this laptop less than 3 weeks ago. If I threw another $750 into it right away and then I heard a pop or had some other issue id probably take them both right across the road and give them the ol’ discus throw


I’m using Windows 10 also. It took a little time to get used to it but now I find it to be pretty decent.

I’m using the 2i4 also, haha. Seems like our setup is very similar. My 2i4 interface is fairly new. I bought it in April, 2017. It might be that your interface is crapping out, like you mentioned.


Sorry I’m so late to this party, but one thing that could be at work is that all commercial computers nowadays, laptops and desktops both, come larded up with all kinds of bloatware that runs in the background, consuming all kinds of CPU cycles and memory. JJ, you did say you optimized, so I hope that included getting rid of all that crap. Those are way more likely to bog down a machine than W10.

This is a big reason why I build all my own desktop computers (as well as saving about 50% on cost). A clean W10 install without all that junk should run like a champ on an i7 rig. I’ve got 3 self-built desktops here at the house with i5 and i7 based mobos, and they run blindingly fast and rock-solid stable. Hope this helps!