Help on Melodic Modern Metal mix

Help on Melodic Modern Metal mix
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Hi guys,

I just mixed this the first time and I’m not really sure if its doing fine as is. How’s it sounding on your end? I hope you can help me out. cheers!


First thing I thought was that this song is being pushed way to hot on the master limiter.
I really like the style and the song seems pretty cool but the mix seems way to washy and compressed. I’m not sure if the washy sound is from the limiter being pushed too hard, but there are probably other contributing factors.

Part of me really likes this but there’s something about the saturation of the whole mix that seems to be bothering me. The mix is pretty dense. I like that your guitars are really upfront but I think that you need to create more space in the mix so that things sound 3 dimensional. I could imagine this song having that big 3 dimensional sound.

Turn up those guitar solos a bit, too.

It would likely be easy to create a great vocal for this song. Looking forward to hearing that, if you decide to do that!


I think it sounds good. The low end does feel a little bit cluttered to me. Something about the way the guitars and bass are interacting feels a little bit overdone in the low end.


cant comment much since its better than what I can currently do (except I hate sidestick lol)

let me know if u need some vocals, im like the 3rd best singer on this floor of my apt building


yes there is a vocal track but i havent put it into the mix yet because im still unsure of the instrument track.
Thanks for the pointers. I’m going to refresh my ears and give it a listen after a short nap
thanks wicked!


Yes low end… thats what i’m studying at the moment. really having a hard time though. do you have any references which may be good for study? :smiley: thanks boz


haha nice! unfortunately this track has vocals already and its not my song. Its from one of my clients. I just havent put the vocals in the mix yet because im still unsure of the instrument balance as of now. :slight_smile: but I will take note of that in future projects.


Can’t help much, but I loved what started at 38 seconds:) Is this going to say without a singer? Just curious. Nice work




I said that partially because I was just getting ready to record some vocals and my confidence was high. Now that I just DID record the vocals…I rescind the offer lol


lol i understand :joy::joy::joy:


it will have vocals. it has already been tracked but im still in the first stages of mixing. I always tend to leave the vocals for last when mixing rock metal genres


Hey, cool song, thanks for your clients!
Mixing-wise, I found the mix a bit messy and muddy. It lacks of separation that I’m used to with your mixes.
Rhythm guitars are very hot and hide everything else, and so the solo.
Crash cymbals and HH sound really washy and finally sound like white noise filtered. It could be what the song needs but it really contrasts with the kick/snare duo.

By the way, cool job, again!!


Rockin Choon Brian…

Mixwise, it feels like everything has been pushed a little too hard. At the high RMS levels you seem to be aiming at, you really need to get the lows and low mids super-controlled to be able to retain definition down there. I can only echo some of the comments here about the overblown lows and low mids.

I had a little play with the existing mix to see if I could get it to sound more defined. I think I had some success, but it’s obviously something that would be better addressed at the mixing stage.

In any case you may find some of these things informative - I did some EQ, taking out a fair bit around 200hz, and in the subs, boosting some high mids and highs etc. I also used a multi-band just on the low end to tighten it up. Here are the screen-shots and the result:


Thanks @ncls . Yes I’m kinda in the dark at the moment. All the gear amps drums etc are all new to me. I also think I’m overthinking things since I watched a lot of tutorials lately and read some books. I guess I’m in the learning curve again.

@ColdRoomStudio wow that was really really awesome mixing. I will study what you did. I’m really struggling to get that low end right.

For the meantime, here’s an instrument mix I’ve managed to put up. can you guys tell me your thoughts on this one?


Wow, I compared both mixes and I found some great improvements! I don’t have idea what you really did but it seems that you redid the mix from scratch.
I found the last one angrier (does this exist? anger? IDK…), nicely sizzled, with greater punch, better “definition” and separation.

I do really enjoy this listening, wow, thank you, you made my day!!


ive only listened on laptop cuz im not out of bed yet lol. Sounds good so far though. They using real drums or drum machine?


Yes, this is much better - maybe a little too much low end in the kick in the double-kick sections only?

BTW, what new gear are you dealing with?


Hey @ColdRoomStudio Andrew,

The gear used here that is unfamiliar to me and gave me the hardest time is mostly the mics used to record drums and the kit itself also the bass guitar. The drum tech had a little fun with mic placement and experimented on this recording. I was supposed to be in the studio before the tracking started but I wasnt able to make it due to heavy traffic… I live in Manila btw… and its one of the most notorious cities when it comes to traffic :slight_smile: When I got there, the tracking was halfway done and I figured I’d just take the tracks and build from the ground up. I sampled the kick and snare using Naughty Seal Perfect drums (another new plugin for me) and tried mixing using Fab Filter plugins exclusively (another new plugin that I just started using) to learn how they work. The bass guitar was also a hard one… The bass player had this 5 string guitar but the setup was weird. He tuned it UP to C# being the 5th string as c#. We tried tuning down but the intonation went crazy so we just went with the first setup. the tone was really woofy. I ended up processing 3 copies of the bass tracks to get it sounding as i wanted to using fab filter. For the guitars, I went on using another new plugin for me, toneforge ben bruce. It sounded great on my guitar but when we used the bands gear, it gave me a boxy fizzy tone. The pickups were stock that came with a hamer guitar. To fix this Issue, I put an eq before going into the amp sim. Kinda like a pickup emulation. all in all I really had a hard time getting it to sound decent enough to me but I think I’m on my way. The tip that you gave me on the fab filter pro mb worked great! thanks for the help \m/ I tried mixing it again and here’s how it sounds now.

Do think Im goin in the right direction? :thinking:


its a combination of both. I sampled kick and snare using Naughty seal’s perfect drums


Thanks for that information Brian - Sounds like you really earned your money with this one! (At least, I hope you earned some money!)

Yes, this is definitely much better - top stuff!