Help needed on mix

Help needed on mix


Hi Guys I just finished mixing this for the first time. I know it still has some flaws that my tired ears haven’t detected yet and I may need your help. Please let me know if you hear something weird :smiley:


Sounds pretty awesome to me. :+1:


The mix is good…no, let me get this right,…this is Holy Shit good! The guitars are growling like a pack of pitbulls. Drums fit just right, everything falls into place. Well done, sir.


vocals might be a tad low in the mix


Translates well on my laptop! I’m not hearing as much of the bass guitar as I might’ve liked to, but again, I AM on a laptop so that’s too be expected. Guitars and drums sound top notch


sounding good! guitars are dominating the snare though. The drumtrack in the back is actually really good. Its a bit drowned out in the mix. It needs to cut through. The lead guitar at 3min is a bit drowned out too. I was expecting a leadguitar to come in and totally kill it later (sadface no lead guitar lol) – but dont get me wrong its a great track.

I so want to jam my flute to this track. Mind if I mix a flute into this track? I love playing flute to rock riffs

(playing live to Zepplin)


awesome stuff…nuff said


I like how tight this is, it’s great. As it is, I can only nitpick.

The bass does a great job of keeping the bottom locked down, that part is tight, It would be nice to hear a little bit more definition to it to better outline what it’s doing harmonically as well as rhythmically.


@ColdRoomStudio thank you very much Andrew. Now I know I’m on the right direction :smiley: \m/

@StylesBitchley Hi Bob thanks. I really appreciate it. I guess I got lucky with the tone. The guitar tone was very loose at first because the guitars used here had “grungy” harmonics low end wise. Even if I put a tubescreamer in front of the amp, they were not tightening up and still lacks the “bite”. I had discovered (by luck) that I had to put and eq in front of everything and put a wide cut around 200hz. Miraculously, the tone really opened up. Sorry I just wanted to share because this really amazed me haha :slight_smile:

@Jon-Jon haha thats a good one! no vocals in the first mix lol.

@holster Thank you very much. Yes you are right on the bass. Its more on the low end on that mix . I was already tired when I posted this and skipped the part where I had to put in some mid harmonics to the bass for mid- hi range speakers. I already put it in the mix below. Cheers!

@FluteCafe sure feel free to play with it and thank you very much for appreciating the music. I’ve also listened to some of your stuff and I’m really feeling how you play. top notch job! There is a second mix (below) with vocals in it which still has no lead guitar. The artists did not plan on putting any. maybe you can do your thing in this mix :slight_smile: Thanks and I really appreciate that you’re sharing your talent for the track. cheers!

@feaker Hi Paul, its always nice hearing from you! Thank you very much and cheers! \m/

@tachin1 Hi Damian, problem solved in the mix below (i think?) :sweat_smile:

Hi guys here’s a mix with VOCALS. I hope you can check it out and let me know how’s it doing now.
-Added mids harmonics to bass and a distortion.
-Vocals are in.


Crankin"! Sounds fantastic! :beerbanger:


sounds superb!

awww, its ok though not every jazz song has to have a 15 min sax solo and not every rock song needs an attention draining lead guitar rofl