Help me find a good strings plugin

Hey, I want to buy a strings plugin.

I am not planning on writing cinematic music or classical-like pieces, I intend to use it in pop/rock/jazz genres, mainly with simple pad-like parts and sometimes a few solo parts. Also I don’t know if this is possible without switching to very expensive solutions, but if there are winds as well it’s great.

I have never used such a plugin and know very little about that. My top priority is that it sounds great, then it has to be simple enough that I can use it without going through a long and painful learning curve. And I have a $500 budget (but would be very happy to spend less if possible).

I run Reaper on a Windows 10 64 bits desktop computer, i7 @3,5GHz processor and 16 GB RAM.

Is there something for me out there? Can you help me find it?

Hi Lophophora, I don’t know much about Reaper and what comes with it, but I would imagine they have something for you in their platform. I use Cubase and have several of their VST programs. Symphonic Orchestra is one of them. This downloadable pluging provides me with all the stringed instruments found in a classical orchestra. Flute, Oboe, violin, cello, you name it. I wouldn’t be without it, horns, percussion. I think it would work in Reaper check it out.:grinning:

To let you in on a bit of a secret, I’m finalizing some details on setting this forum up with a way to purchase software and plugins. I know that we’ll have the EastWest library available, which I think makes pretty decent string libraries. I believe I’ll have all the IK stuff on here also. I know there’s more, but my point is, keep an eye out for that :wink:


That sounds like a very interesting option!:sunglasses:

I have had a similar interest for a long time. But I keep running into the same roadblock, which is my own deficiency: I have no idea about the terminology of orchestral arrangements. I don’t know a portmanteau from a glissando or any of the other terms that are needed to understand the documentation of the plugs I’ve looked at (including EastWest). So reading the instructions on how to get the most out of these things leaves me scratching my head. And it goes without saying that I just don’t have the time to invest in coming up to speed on all of that…

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This one sounds pretty good. May want to take a look at it :smiley:

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A portamento is a violins equivalent of sliding between 2 notes on a guitar :smiley:

Glissandos like what a harp does. A broken up chord. Hmmm. I don’t think you can play a glissando on a violin. You don’t have enough strings lol.

Ah. Affiliation is such a wonderful thing. Good idea if you’;re already in the business of monetizing everything you do. :smiley:

So you see my problem. :grin: When I’ve checked out trial versions of a couple of these, they use the language of orchestral arrangements to describe how the VST works, and it’s greek to me…

They should make an alternative GUI for guitarists. :stuck_out_tongue:

They can’t do that! Then uselessly educated classical musicians wouldn’t be snub their nose at common folk anymore!!! What are you thinking man??

That sounds good for being free…

Unless you already own Komplete, that would be your first step.
It has useful string components in it, plus a whole heap of drums, synthesizers, piano and other stuff.
I love Guitar Rig, which comes with it.

The Kontakt sampler is the “industry standard” and it’s a total beast that works really well. A large portion of string libraries (plug ins) are written for Kontakt.

The key thing with making strings sound good is to write many different voices… as in a voice A would have a different articulation, note and panning from note B.
In a real string section there are many different players doing a variety of things. It is not just a three-note chord played by 26 people at the same time. That would also sound like a “pad”.

This is a tune I did some years ago… it has strings from Reason and LASS (a Kontakt library) mixed together…
I can hear now that I need to remix it… it does not sound very crisp at all… so I guess I have learned something over the years… :slight_smile:


Thank you all.

Sven I must say the Komplete 11 regular offer is quite spectacular. All of this in one bundle is very tempting. I’ll definitely give this a thorough thought.