Help me choose audio interface

I’m planning to upgrade my audio interface and my choices are: Steinberg UR28M, RME Babyface Pro, Audient id22. For recording my electric guitar and using amp sims, recording some vocals, and mixing. What would you go for?

They don’t make them like this anymore:

Try and match the features and quality with anything on the market.

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What computer and what are the most inputs you would need at once?

@Jonathan It’s i7 PC running Windows 10 64bit. Most inputs I would need would be 4. I like Steinberg as it has 2 headphone outputs and monitor controller built in, but from what I read Babyface and Audient are better quality sound wise. It’s so difficult to choose. A lot of people say Babyface all the way because of stability of drivers and low latency.

I thought the Audient id22 was only for mac. Did they release windows drivers for it?

Site says yes to Windows. So long as its 7 or later. Valid concern though…and good point!

honestly, I’d get an interface that lets you route zero latency effects to monitors so you can track with reverb and compression on the headphones. computers are still too slow to do this with zero latency.

I think the steinberg does this, but don’t quote me on that.


At first I was going to rule the babyface out because of i/o but saw it has the ports on the side. I would pick the one that I thought looked the coolest and had the front panel layout you wanted. I can’t say from experience, but I’d think the preamps would be nice on all 3. Hard call. If I was using it myself, I’m pretty sure I could get the latency down to where I wouldn’t feel it be in my way on any of them.

It’d be a coin toss for me. Honestly, I would buy the one you could find the absolute best deal on first.

@bozmillar thx, I just checked and apparently all of the abovementioned can do it and it makes the choice difficult. I think steinberg is out as it is not expandable, the other two are.

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What do you mean by expandable?

usually what lets you scale a system into more channels is word clock and light pipe.

@Jonathan Adat in & out

About conversion quality, you should maybe trust in the Focusrite line.
The 2nd gen of Scarlett is really good. If you’re looking for really good
conversion and preamps for the price, the minimum is the 6i6, the cheaper
versions don’t have the same components.
An independant site rated it really with a good hardware analysis (Audioprecision benchmark)
If you’re looking for the lowest latency, you should try the Thunderbolt Apollo Twin, mine is awesome ! And you can now use it with a PC.
In france, a 6i6 costs about 220 € minimum, a Twin Solo more than 600.

Follow-up to the original post. What audio interface are you currently using? After all, you want something that is going to be an improvement that is worth the expense.

@tensen I have M-Audio M-Track Plus.

Apollo with UAD plugs, they come with enough to get the job done.
I dont see anything else as good.

My line 6 UX8 is the same thing but they cancelled it and I cant really say the UX2 is even close to the same level.

I’d get the Apollo DUO or better…unfortunately at Christmas there was a killer Free package of some extra plugs but thats over now.

The only complaint Ive read is they load it up with demo-Plugs too or something. So learnign what are the permanent owned plugs helps. I keep looking at outboard $1500-$2000 stuff to upgrade and the Apollo interface with real time/low latency is just a better deal.

Apogee used to be a bigger contender, but it seems Apollo and UAD kind of kept going (marketing) and Apogee didnt as much per my surfing.


I loaded up at Christmas! :smiley:

Thats true but its not a problem. You can remove them from your DAW plugin list just like any other. On the UAD control panel (which is like their license/registration app), you can see what you own outright and what are only demo. So its really not a problem. Just un-install your demos once the 20 day trial license is used then move them out of the way.

Apogee and Crane Song don’t play well together :frowning: