Help improving this acoustic video!

Help improving this acoustic video!
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All this talk about lighting made me want to go buy a lightbox (I only have umbrellas). I found this guy on ebay for super cheap.

$24 for two light boxes and stands. The light boxes hold 5 bulbs each, with their own switches, so you can control with some level of precision the amount of light coming out of each box. I’ll let you know if it completely sucks when I get it. If you don’t hear a review on it, it’s because they burned down my house.


I just bought it too rofl , i already have a set of fresnels lamps I can use this with (i dont really have a need for the bulbs) but this was a decent deal.


I’m a little suspicious of the price. According to the full description, it comes with 10 45w flourescent bulbs. If that’s true, then $24 for the bulbs alone would be way cheaper than I’ve seen them.


No shipping to France :frowning_face:
Time to get on and try to learn some french… :crazy_face:


If they are incandescent, then be careful to watch the temperature as it can build up inside the soft boxes.


my super cheap lighting kit came today. Here’s first impression review. I’ve only spent a small amount of time with it, so my opinion may change over time. Here are the first things I noticed:


  • It comes with everything it claimed it would. 10 bulbs, 2 stands and light boxes. Everything worked.

  • It works exactly like I would have expected.

  • The quality and sturdiness of it was no worse than stuff I have paid more for. It was as good as I could have expected it to be.

  • The separate switches are handy for controlling the light output.


  • The lights have a slight pink hue to them compared to sunlight. After having these on and looking at them for a few minutes, natural sunlight looks like it has a green tint to it. But, it’s close enough to a sunlight color that it can blend without looking too bad.

  • The boxes are a pain to setup. Maybe it’s typical for all soft boxes, but they are significantly more work to set up than simple umbrellas. If I’m going to be using these often, I’m either going to have to find a permanent solution so I’m not taking them down and setting them up all the time.

  • Heat. They are fluorescent bulbs, so they aren’t terribly hot, but when you have 5 of them in a small enclosed space like that, I would imagine it’s worth making sure that nothing goes crazy.

Also, the lights aren’t terribly bright. This could be a pro or a con, depending on what you want, but even with all 5 bulbs on, it’s not super bright. It’s definitely a lighting kit that is designed for small->medium sized rooms.

On second thought, It’s entirely possible that the green tint of the sunlight is due to the fact that I’m surrounded by green trees in all directions looking out my window.


Can’t find an equivalent even remotely that cheap on UK or French ebay… more like 100 GBP

Video making on hold until this dang light fitting for the big lamp arrives. A friend gave me a ‘mini softbox’ hood thing - similar to this:

Don’t know if it will be any good, but its free so worth trying out.

Hopefully can have another attempt at this in the next few days.

Will also definitely be buying one of the cheaper DSLR cameras (probably the cheapest that will do HD video), but not likely for a month at least.


One thing I’ve done in the past that is super cheap but works ok for soft lighting is paper lanterns. You don’t have a ton of control, but if you put a super bright sunlight fluorescent light in one of those, you can get nice soft light for very little money. The light bulb will probably cost more than the lantern.


For the price you paid, I’m guessing that the bulbs are not of the highest quality and may not showing the color temperature that was advertised.

My wife is a professional photographer and a few years back we decided to try the bulb/softbox method and soon found out just how much light is required for even close shots using a wide open aperture.

She still uses them in certain situations, but strobes always seem to deliver better results.
Unfortunately, a constant light source is required for video.