Help downloading T-RACKS Deluxe

Hi guys,
Anybody has experience with downloading IK Multimedia products?
I was given a license number but I can’t find out how to download the software.
I already send them a question but maybe someone in here could help me faster.


I think you need to use their T-Racks Custom Shop program:

And then I guess, when prompted, apply the license code? :thinking:

Let us know what you think of those plugins!

As soon as I find a way to download them Jonathan! haha :slight_smile:

If they sent you a default user name and login password, go to their site and use that to log in to your account. If not you’ll have to create an account and register your product code/license.

If they sent you login info: Go to the Support menu and choose User Area. Click on My Products which takes you to a list of purchased and licensed products you have bought from them. The downloads are on the right side of each product box.

If you have to create your own account: Go to the Support menu and choose Product Registration. Once you register the product it will show up in your User Area / My Products since the purchase/license is now associated with your user account.

Personally, I avoid using the Custom Shop thing as it seems mainly as a way to tempt you with all their products which they want you buy “ad infinitum” after trying the demo. It may be unavoidable in some situations though, in order to get the download.

Oh, and you’ll probably have to install their Authorization Manager software to license the software on your computer. Several software plugin makers are doing this now. Kind of a PITA in my opinion.

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Thanks Stan.
I ran the Authorization Manager and used the license they sent me to authorise the product. Got some new codes that I’ll have to use tomorrow in order to get some even newer codes I’m gonna have to use for an offline installation since my music computer isn’t connected… :blush:
PITA is right but I’m focusing on the reward of the toys I’m getting…

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I managed to install it but have two problems.

  1. Only works as standalone, not plugin (maybe not compatible with Cubase 5?)
  2. Only has 9 modules when the Deluxe version has 22. Maybe it’s the standard version?

Hmmm. … I think it doesn’t show up because it’s 64 and I’m running the Cubase 5 at 32bit. …