Hello old friends

Good to see that the old Recording Review community has a new home. Hopefully, we can make this place even better than RR was at its peak. I have the same user name so cheers to any that know me from the other site.


Hey! Welcome! Glad to see you made it over. Did you get to check out the mix contest yet?

I glanced at it, I’m trying to get my 10 posts in. The last one I did on here was fun so I’m looking forward to giving it a shot.

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@Drgamble welcome (err) back?! Ha! If you need help let us know

Hey there, good to see some people back!
Welcome dude :beerbang:

Hey!! Good to see you. And warm welcome to the new place :smiley:

We’re all working toward it. Great to have you. And spread the word!

Welcome DrGamble! I don’t think we interacted a whole lot at RR, but happy you’re here all the same. :slight_smile:

Hi David! Welcome.

Hi David, glad you made it here! :slight_smile: